A High North Hero has died

Tre godt voksne menn poserer med hendene på skuldrene til hverandre: Scott Minerd, Frode Mellemvik og Felix Tschudi
A High North Hero has died
The High North Center has received the sad news that Scott Minerd has died.

The High North Center Director Frode Mellemvik, between Scott Minerd (left) and owner of the Tschudi Group, Felix Tschudi. Both Minerd and Tschudi are High North - Scott was one of the world's most influential investors and his commitment to development in the High North is impressive, says Professor Frode Mellemvik, Director of the High North Center.

Scott Minerd was a man who achieved exceptional much. In 2017 he became "High North Hero" which is an award that the High North Center, following the decision of an international committee, has granted to five people who are exceptional in their contributions connected to the development of the High North.

Scott Minerd supported many who saw opportunities in the High North. A short time ago, we at the High North Center discussed with him future cooperation. Among other things the plan was that he should participate in the High North Dialogue in 2024 linked to “Bodø European Capital of Culture”.

We at the High North Center have lost a close and committed friend, says Frode Mellemvik. Our thoughts go to Scott's loved ones. He has created extraordinary much and will always be close to us at the High North Center. Right now, in this shock situation, grief is linked with gratitude for his many important contributions.