Meet Associate Professor Rannveig Edda Hjaltadóttir

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Good research environment. "I was looking for an environment with a large focus on research, says Associate Professor in Innovation, Rannveig Hjaltadóttir, who thrives at the Centre for Industrial Business Development in Mo i Rana. Photo: Rami Skonseng/Myeimedia. 

Meet Associate Professor Rannveig Edda Hjaltadóttir
Rannveig from Iceland found her research paradise in Mo i Rana. "I simply love circular economy!"

Rannveig Edda Hjaltadóttir is practically a globetrotter in the context of Nordic research. Time and again, she has changed addresses to secure exciting academic jobs in different countries.

After her last research stay in Luxembourg, Rannveig packed her suitcase and moved to Northern Norway, where her dream job awaited.

"My colleagues thought I was crazy for moving this far north. They warned me about the dark season and snowstorms, but I could only laugh," says Rannveig, who was born and raised in the harsh weather conditions of Iceland.

Thriving at Nord in the north

Rannveig Edda Hjaltadóttir is an Associate Professor of innovation at the Business School, Nord University, and belongs to the research community at the Center for Industrial Business Development at Campus Helgeland, Mo i Rana. Here, she teaches and researches Circular Economy related to industry.

"I was looking for an environment with a strong focus on research. At the Centre for Industrial Business Development, we work closely with several national and international researchers on various research and innovation projects towards a sustainable future," says Rannveig. In the industrial town of Mo i Rana, everything is in place for research and Circular Economy to jointly drive the green shift.

"Right now, I am involved in three large international projects and awaiting responses on several applications," says Rannveig.

"The exciting part about being a researcher is all the different tasks you have. I like variety, and research and teaching go very well together," says Rannveig, who teaches courses in statistical analysis, innovation and circular economy for business students at the Business School. Additionally, she conducts her own courses on circular economy for PhD students.

Great work environment

Rannveig describes her colleagues at Nord University as having a close collaboration, with good professional discussions and a low threshold for discussing challenges and issues together, something she truly appreciates.

"Being part of an environment where everyone is busy with their own thing is not for me. This was also one of the criteria I had when I accepted the position at Nord University," says Rannveig, satisfied.

Åtte voksne kollegaer rundt et bord og i en sofagruppe. Foto
Close collaboration: Rannveig Edda Hjaltadóttir together with some of her colleagues at Nord University in Mo. Photo: Rami Skonseng

International research network

The research has taken the Associate Professor around the world, both alone and with colleagues at Nord University. Over the years, Rannveig has built a broad international network of researchers who share her passion for Circular Economy. Therefore, it's not uncommon to find the Icelander on campus several hours after her colleagues have left the office.

"I adjust to the international market with different time zones. I’d rather have a Teams meeting with a researcher in Australia at ten in the evening than at five in the morning," the researcher explains.

Started a new career at 50

Rannveig comes from the small village of Dalvik in Iceland, where she was trained as a teacher. After twenty years in the profession, she decided at the age of 38 to move to Denmark to pursue economic studies at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg. A bachelor's degree turned into a master's, which then led to a completed PhD.

Now, Rannveig is doing what she is most passionate about – developing a sustainable future for the industry with global relevance, while excelling with her old teaching skills in the classrooms. For Rannveig, this is complete symbiosis.

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From Iceland to Nord: Rannveig Edda Hjaltadóttir is an Associate Professor in Innovation at Nord University Business School, and is a part of the research community at the Centre for Industrial Business Development at Campus Helgeland, Mo i Rana. Photo: Lene Loe

(This interview is translated by Chat GPT and quality assured by the Communications Unit at Nord University.)