Nord University hosts the Governing Week

Mange mennesker sitter ved lange bord i en møtesal

Photo from the previous Governing week at the University of Split. Photo: Marko Car, University of Split

Nord University hosts the Governing Week
May 28-30, Nord University will be chairing and hosting the third Governing Week meeting of the alliance. We wish all our partners a heartly welcome to Bodø!

Nord University is preparing to welcome around 100 participants from nine universities to Bodø the last week of May. The Governing week is the alliance's consortium meeting which takes place every sixth months. During these days there will be meetings and parallell sessions, cultural events and networking. This is where crucial decisions of the nine partner universities are taken.

– We are honoured to host this week, which brings together management, students, administration, faculty, and experts from the various disciplines and universities in SEA-EU, says local SEA-EU manager at Nord University, Tove Holm.

A woman dressed in orange, standing in a hallway in front of a SEA-EU roll-up
Local manager for SEA-EU at Nord University, Tove Holm.

Throughout the week, a total of 11 meetings will take place among various management and coordinating groups within the alliance, with about 100 participants.

– Such collaborative efforts are central in addressing our current and upcoming work, and for fostering innovation and advancing knowledge, Tove Holm says. – We will among others discuss and agree on the next steps for enhancing mobility, the legal status and the joint programs we are developing on the PhD, master and bachelor level.

Program and information

The program consists of various meetings in SEA-EUs different management groups, such as the Student Council, Technical Working Group, Quality and Ethics Committee, Stakeholder Groups and Executive Committee.

In addition, there will be social and cultural programmes, and the participants will also have the opportunity to experience Bodø's natural beauty with trips to Mjelle and Staltstraumen.

The purpose of university alliances

European University Alliances represent a flagship initiative within the European strategy for universities. The primary aim is to establish alliances between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Europe, thereby enhancing the international competitiveness of HEIs.

The SEA-EU Alliance presents an opportunity for ambitious and impactful actions. Operating within the budgetary and policy constraints of European University Alliances, we are committed to implementing significant changes that will reshape our universities and our relationship with the broader social environment. As part of the European Universities initiative, we aim to lead efforts in activating key initiatives advocated by the European Commission, including the implementation of micro-credentials, the European degree, the European student card, and a legal status for the European University of the Seas.

SEA-EUs long-term vision is highly ambitious. The alliance aspires to transform our alliance into a multi-campus university, seamlessly integrated across the nine member universities.

About​ SEA-EU

    The SEA-EU alliance consists of nine universities:

    Together, the alliance partners have more than 150,000 students and 18,000 employees who will benefit from the objectives that the alliance has set itself.

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