Nord University launches "International Alumni"

Studenter på et jorde som holder en jordklode
Nord University launches "International Alumni"
Are you or have you been an exchange student or an international degree student at Nord University? Maintain your connections with the university and your former classmates.

Join our new international alumni network at Here you can maintain and gain new valuable contacts and keep up with the university.

"Keeping in touch with you as a former student and being able to receive feedback and share experiences is important to further develop the university", says Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk, prorector for academic and student affairs at Nord university

By joining the network, you will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Stay Connected: Keep in touch with Nord University, your former classmates, and other international students.
  • Exclusive Updates: Receive first-hand information about study offers, online lectures, cooperation opportunities, and more.
  • Special Offers: Gain access to exclusive offers on Nord Lifelong Learning programs.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates on the latest news and research outcomes from Nord University.

Footprints in the world

"Our international students and staff are helping us spread footprints around the world and to create effects of internationalization both at Nord university and across the globe".

"We wish to contribute to further network building between our partner institutions, former students and staff, regardless of where they are located", says Ida Charlotte Jakobsen, head of the international office at Nord University.

Nord University welcomes all former exchange students and international degree students to join our new alumni network to create a social and academic arena for former students and the University.


What is alumni?

Alumn is a latin word used for a graduate or former student of a particular university or college.

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