Open internships, Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Program, E-fuel, funding and published papers.

Ukrainian youth sitting at desks in a classroom during the Ukrainian Engineer meeting at Nord University
Open internships, Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Program, E-fuel, funding and published papers.
The High North Centre's employees are involved with a lot more than just High North Dialogue.

Together with the Regional Council of Kainuu and the Council of Oulu Region, both in Finland, the High North Center and Nord University Business School are project partners of the Aurora Project.

Bridging the youth

The small-scale project called “Bridging Youth and Regional Development Through Dialogue”, funded from the Interreg Aurora Programme, aims not only to give a voice to the younger generation during the project, but to prepare them for future participation. The project offers a platform for young people to practice dialogue skills, expand networks locally and transnationally, and to build a common ground for new initiatives.

In the long run, the goal is to find ways to increase dialogue between youth and the experts working within regional development and enhance youth participation in regional development. As the project only lasts some months, it is seen as the first step towards this goal. The further actions will be built on the experiences gained from this project and the recommendations written together with the youth.

Visit the project's homepage for more details.

The project has now been granted funding at the sum of 199 500 NOK from the Troms and Finnmark County Council. Researcher Elena Sæther at the High North Center says the funding highlights the importance of dialogue for the Arctic youth.


During the recent High North Dialogue conference, the High North Center's professor Petter Nore organised a Side Event called "Status green industrialization in the High North; four case studies". One of the panellists was Lars Bjørn Larsen, Chief Commercial Officer at Norsk e-fuel in Mosjøen.

The airline Norwegian has now entered into a partnership with Norsk e-Fuel to build the world's first full-scale production facility for electro fuel in Mosjøen. The plant will produce sustainable aviation fuel. The partnership is an important milestone on the way to Norwegian's goal of a 45 percent reduction in emissions by 2030.

The strategic partnership agreement with Norsk e-Fuel will ensure Norwegian an ownership stake in the company and long-term access to sustainable aviation fuel. The partnership will help speed up the production and availability of sustainable aviation fuel, which will make Norwegian aviation more sustainable. The parties aim to finalize the detailed agreement in the coming months.

Internship at High North Center for Business and Governance

We have internships available for several of our projects.

As an intern you will get to work with international teams within current and future projects that have high relevance for the sustainability agenda and the Arctic.
You will also have the opportunity for scholarship support and further work on a master’s thesis with related topics connected to projects within High North Center areas. The hours are flexible.

We are open to applications from all master students who are interested. Together we will find the right working tasks within the projects that are suitable for both parties. Read more and apply.

Young Entrepreneurs Program with Ukraine

The Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce has for several years organized an educational program called "The Young Entrepreneurs program". The program seeks to give 20 participants (10 from Norway and 10 from Ukraine) a broader understanding of Norway-Ukraine relations with a particular focus on business life in both countries. Usually parts of the program are carried out in Ukraine and Norway, but due to travel advice and other challenges, we aim to have the first part in Norway and the second part in Warsaw in connection with the reconstruction conference. We will be visiting companies and organizations that have relocated to Poland - and to will also meet Ukrainian representatives near their home country. The program will take place from September 10 to 16 in Bergen and Oslo and from November 12 to 18 in Warsaw.

The program includes lectures, seminars, company visits, group work and social activities. It is a golden opportunity to learn more about the Norwegian and Ukrainian economy, political systems, bilateral relations, trade, entrepreneurship and not least to make contacts across national borders and increase cultural understanding.

All expenses in connection with the program are covered. Read more and apply.


Associate Professor Evgenii Aleksandrov has together with Sara Giovanna Mauro (“Marco Biagi” Department of Economics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy) published the paper "Searching for dialogue in public sector budgeting research: the case study of the JPBAFM".

This paper aims to respond to the recent calls to discover the research developments in the field of public budgeting. Particularly, it explores whether and how research dialogue unfolds within the public budgeting field over time and how to stimulate it further, by investigating the case of a specific journal oriented to budgeting topics.

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