Valid documentation

We strongly recommend that you upload your documents yourself, use your own e-mail address when registering your application and correspond directly with us with respect to your application.
  • When you are submitting your application to the study programmes at Nord University, it is your responsibility that the documentation you upload is correct and valid.

    You are liable for all the documentation you submit, that they are accurate and that the information is unaltered.

    Wrongful or misleading information may lead to dismissal and loss of the right to study. Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal and will be reported to the authorities.

    The Admissions Office at Nord University always verifies uploaded diplomas and transcripts with the issuing school/institution. If we are unable to verify your qualifications, you will not be offered admission.

    We do not accept electronic certificates or transcripts. All documentation uploaded to your application must be authentic in the form of a scan or a picture of the original document.

  • Scans of your officially issued original transcripts and diplomas for your secondary and university/college education must be uploaded. If there is any information at the back of the pages, scans of both pages must be uploaded.

    It is very important that the scans are readable and that the whole pages is visible, which means that all corners of the documents need to be visible.

    If your original documents are composed in colour, the copies must also be composed in colour.

  • If your documents are composed in another language than English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, you must provide a translation. The original document has to be uploaded with the translation. The translation has to be carried out by a government-authorized or otherwize accredited translator.

    Some countries have special requirements regarding translations. Please check the admission requirements for your country.

  • You need to upload all documentation stated in the admission requirements.

    All documentation should be uploaded in a pdf-file with a descriptive name.

    You do not have to upload documentation regarding finances, statement of purpose, motivational letter, recommendation letters or work experience letters unless this is specifically stated as a requirement for the programme you are applying for.

    Applications without documentation will not be assessed.

  • Educational documents from some countries must be sent by post. Check the admission requirements for more information.

  • The Admissions Office do not archive documents received by post for more than one year.

    You can check what documents are available for us, in your online application under "my documents". Outdated documentation must be uploaded again (passport, English test, name-change etc).

  • Nord University can ask to see your original documents for the purpose of inspection.

    It is therefore important that you bring your educational documents to Norway if you are granted admission. You are required to present your original diplomas and transcripts for inspection upon arrival at the university.

By: Admissions Office