Nord university contributes to innovation through its role as a knowledge developer and supplier of new research-based solutions. Nord University maintains a wide cooperative network with business, industry and society. We have partners on regional, national and international levels, from both the public and private sectors.

Collaboration with industry and society

The research and development department contributes to connecting our professional environment with external actors in the form of business and the public sector.

Nord University aims to contribute to innovation, through a greater extent of cooperation between the University and both industry and public sector. The University contributes to networks, clusters and arenas, where our academic communities come into contact with industry, and develop joint research and innovation projects.

Collaborative projects must be rooted in and relevant to the professional environment. The research and development department can assist with creating contact, finding collaboration partners and funding, defining collaboration models, and contributing to project outlines, project applications and agreements.

In collaboration projects with industry and society, it is particularly important to enter into good agreements, where the assessment of rights and project results are also defined (IPR).

Nord University also develops on-campus infrastructure for co-operation, including centres for innovation and state-of-the-art lab facilities.

We invite industry, the public sector and other external parties to contact us to discuss possibilities for cooperation and research. Contact a researcher directly, or contact our innovations office for advice.

Nord University is pleased to welcome new partners.​

Commercialisation Projects

In some cases, research can result in inventions or discoveries, which can be the subject of commercial exploitation or value. Nord University has the rights to ideas and projects with commercial potential from academic staff. It is up to the university to decide whether they wish to make use of this right.

Nord innovasjon

Nord innovasjon AS is Nord University's technology transfer organisation (TTO) for the commercialisation of research results. The company is owned by Nord University, and works with technology transfer and commercialisation on behalf of the university.

Nord innovasjon AS can help researchers and academic staff to assess, develop and implement ideas and projects with public benefit or commercial potential. Among other things, they can contribute to the protection of rights (e.g. patents), project financing and further commercial development.

Engage - Centre for Engaged Education through Entrepreneurship

Engage is a centre for outstanding education at Nord University in Bodø and NTNU in Trondheim.

The centre takes as its starting point a world in constant change where the citizens must be able to identify challenges, find innovative solutions and be agents of change.

Engage will further develop education and teaching methods to create entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in students from all disciplines and professions.

Engage aims to help students become agents of change who can tackle complex challenges in a modern world, inside and outside working life.

Engage is divided into three focus areas:

  • Education: Develop entrepreneurship education
  • Student engagement: Support function for ecosystem for student innovation (Idé i Nord)
  • Research: Research on entrepreneurship education

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