Technology transfer office

Nord innovasjon AS: Developing business ideas from research

Nord innovasjon AS is Nord University’s TTO (Technology Transfer Office), for commercialization of research results. Do you have a knowledge- or research-based business idea? We provide:​

  • ​Evaluation of ideas and research findings
  • IPR (Intellectual property rights)
  • Financing
  • Business development
  • Spin-offs or licensing agreements
  • Network to industry and investors
  • ​Commercialization of research

All public financed research should have an impact, and thus benefit to the society. Usually, this takes place through publishing and dissemination of research results, followed by implementation of new knowledge.

Sometimes, research results may represent a commercial opportunity, through the development of new technical solutions, methods or services with a direct interest for a third party. Researchers should then notify their employer, using a Disclosure of Invention form (DOFI). Nord innovasjon AS represents the University regarding receiving and valuation of the DOFI, and further handling of the business idea.

The DOFI initiates a development project, where Nord innovasjon AS contributes with expertise and financing, and manages the University’s IPR. The further development of the idea normally takes place in near co-operation with the researcher/inventor. Future net income from a successful commercialization is normally split in three with 1/3 to the researcher, the University and Nord innovasjon AS respectively (please refer to the IPR regulations below).​

How does Nord innovasjon AS work?

If you have a business idea, a research result or a finding, which you think may have a commercial potential, we want you to contact Nord innovasjon AS for a discussion. In addition, we do our own search for ideas in relevant research projects and groups.

The further process is normally as follows:

Phase 1: Registration of idea
We receive an idea, and discuss this with the researcher. We perform a first evaluation of the idea, and may conclude that the idea qualify for the submission of a DOFI (Disclosure of Invention). We provide you with the DOFI form, and advice you regarding the filling. The DOFI should be sent to Nord innovasjon AS, and is valid when approved by Nord innovasjon AS and signed by both parties.

Phase 2: Valorisation of idea
The DOFI is the formal starting point for working with the idea. Nord innovasjon makes a more thorough assessment of the idea and judges Nord innovasjon’s further role in the project, on behalf of Nord University. The phase implies an assessment of technology readiness level, the technological potential, possible customer need, market, IPR possibilities, competing technology (including freedom to operate), development pattern and expected costs. If we decide to develop the idea, there will be made an agreement between the researcher/inventor and Nord innovasjon AS.

Phase 3: Proof of concept
The further development implies finishing the theoretical evaluation of the idea/technology, developing and execute an IPR strategy, assessing different business models and organizing the further work. We apply for financing that cover the further development, also covering the costs for IPR. 

Phase 4: Verification
To make the idea ready for commercialization, it needs to be verified in respect to how the technology works in a larger scale, and in respect to market and customers’ willingness to pay.   Furthermore, strategies are developed for sale, marketing, financing and possible external ownership/investors.

Phase 5: Commercialization
The development and realization of a plan for the transfer, either through establishing a new company (spin-off), a licensing agreement, or (in rare cases) selling the technology. We develop models that ensure that the researcher and other stakeholders get their share of the potential revenue from the invention.

Phase 6: Exit
Nord innovasjon AS provide support and follow up the license agreement or the start-up as long and as much as needed.

IPR Regulations for Nord University

The University’s IPR regulations establish the handling of IPR derived from research results at Nord University, including results with a commercial potential.

The regulations comprise all research results derived from the employee’s work at the University.

The regulations apply to all employees of Nord University (academic and technical‐administrative employees). The regulations also apply to doctoral fellows and individuals employed on a temporary basis. The regulations do not normally apply to students, unless they are employed at the University, or there are entered specific agreement(s) with the student(s).

Contact information

​​​​Morten Skjelbred
Senior Advisor Nord innovasjon AS
Phone no.: +47 755 17 148 / +47 913 07 753

Lisbeth Bjerva

Business Developer
Phone no.: +47 959 96 835