Research support

The Research and Development Division provides services to support students and staff at Nord University in their research process.

Research dissemination and publication

  • Library
    The library can help you with literature search, ​access to sources, academic writing support ​etc.

  • Open Access
    Open access to research results and data​​

  • ​Cristin
    Cristin is a national research information system where Norwegian research is collected and made available.​​​

Research Ethics

All research conducted at Nord University should be based upon respect for the rights and welfare the participants. Consideration of participants' welfare and integrity is the basis for ethical research and takes precendence over the interests of science and society.​

Research Committee

>> Read ​about ​the Research Committee at Nord University​

Research Funding​​

On this page you will find a brief overview of different financial arrangements for research projects:

Protection of privacy in research

Nord University guidelines for protection of privacy in research​

Research and Development Division

The Research and Development Division​​ is responsible ​for central ​research administrative services. ​​

Main tasks of the division are:

  • External funding
  • Open publication, open data
  • ​Research ethics
  • Organised r​esearch training
  • ​Innovation and value creation
  • Researcher mobility
  • ​Internationalisation
  • Commercialisation of research results (Technology Transfer Office)
  • Cooperation with community, trade and industry​ 
  • ​Research cooperation 
  • Library services
  • Agreements and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Contact information

Do you have any questions? 
Contact the Research and Development​ Division​​.