Biophysical Interactions Research Unit

In this Research Unit we study interactions between marine organisms and their environment on all scales from the cell level to ocean basins.


We believe the application of new technologies and novel analytical tools are central to resolve ecological variability across different scales in the North Atlantic and Arctic. Our approaches include the use of optical plankton counters in combination with size-spectrum theory to investigate vital rates of zooplankton, simulation of ocean circulation systems and implications on the spreading of marine organisms, as well as the temporal and spatial components to the ecology and dynamics of important organisms in the marine  food web.


​Vigdis Tverberg
​Assoc. Professor and Unit Manager
Kanchana Bandara
​Ole Anders Nøst
​Adjunct Professor
​Magne Karl Haakstad
​Professor Emeritus
​Morten Krogstad
​Head Engineer
​Mathieu Tachon
​PhD Student
​Mathilde Servan
​Master Student