DeepSeq Facility

DeepSeq is the high throughput sequencing facility at Nord University.

​​​​​​We do high throughput sequencing and data analysis based on the Illumina, Ion Torrent, and Oxford Nanopore technologies. Complex genomes and transcriptomes of mainly aquatic organisms are targeted. The complete workflow is carried out at DeepSeq, including template preparation, library construction, sequencing, and data analysis. Our activity is academic and research initiated.

Ion Torrent platform
Based on the Ion S5 system

Illumina platform
Based on Illumina NextSeq and Illumina MiSeq instruments

Oxford Nanopore
Based on MinION

Current applications include whole genome sequencing (single and paired-end reads), RAD sequencing, RNA-Seq, small RNA sequencing (miRNA), and methylome sequencing, as well as long-read and direct RNA sequencing on nanopores.​

The DeepSeq facility is located at Nord University, campus Bodø. 

Contact: Joost Raeymaekers​​