Marine Molecular Ecology research unit

The Marine Molecular Ecology research unit is studying marine ecology at the molecular level, linking genomics and evolution to ecological functions of marine organism and ecosystems.


Marine molecular ecology is a vast and rapidly developing field that focuses on the study of the interactions and evolution of marine organisms at the molecular level.

We apply a range of molecular genetics techniques to address questions in the population genomics, evolutionary biology and conservation genetics among all kinds of marine organisms ranging from microbes to vertebrates. 

The main research activities focus on the ecological and evolutionary responses of marine organisms to anthropogenic changes such as climate changes and exploitation.



​Galice Hoarau
​Professor and Unit Manager
​Leslie Robert Noble
​Alexander Jüterbock
​Marvin Choquet
​Aurelien Nicolas Delaval
​PhD Student
​Clara Isabel Wagner
​PhD Student
Mads Schultz
​PhD Student
​Maja Karoline Hatlebakk
​PhD Student