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Science Week ("forskningsdagene")

From September 20 - October 1, Nord University will host a range of lectures and events on this year's theme "Values".

Theme 2017: "Values"

The theme "Values" comprises everything from bioeconomics and digital transformation, to health and philosophy.

Focus areas 2017

  • Blue and green sustainable growth
  • Economic growth in a digital world
  • The value of research
  • The value of life
  • The value of community/society

Blue-green growth and digital transformation form part of this year's theme, "Values".

What is Science Week?

Science Week, or "forskningsdagene" in Norwegian, is an annual nationwide festival in which research and educational institutions showcase their activities in new and exciting ways.

The aim of Science Week is to foster curiosity and understanding for research within the broader community.


Nord University - Marie Løvset

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