Semester registration new international students

  • The first thing you need to do as a new student is create a Feide account and password in the activation portal. After you have completed registration, your Feide account will give you access to most of our online services, such as StudentWeb and the online learning platform Canvas.

    • In order to create a Feide account, you must have accepted your offer.
    • It may take up to 24 hours from you accept your offer until you have access to activate your account. If you receive an error message, wait a few hours before trying again.

    We recommend using a laptop rather than mobile or tablet, to ensure that you see all the checkboxes on your screen.        

    • Go to the activation portal.
    • Enter your surname and date of birth.
    • Provide your e-mail address (the same as you used in your application for admission) so that we can send you an activation code.
    • Enter the activation code that you receive via email.
    • Enter a new password, at least 8 characters in length with both numbers and capital/lower case letters.
    • Your Feide-account is now activated. Your username is your student number (provided in your welcome letter) and your password is the one you entered in step 5 above.
    • You can now proceed to registration in StudentWeb, see below. 
  • All students studying at Nord University, except exchange students from other partner institutions, must pay the semester fee. If you are an exchange student go directly to step 3.

    Semester fees cover general administrative costs and are not tuition fees. If you are an degree student with citizenship outside the EU/EEA/Swiss area you will need to pay tuition fees.

    Log in to StudentWeb

    • Use the username and password you generated when you activated your student account and select Log on using Feide.
    • Please note: You will only have access to StudentWeb if you have accepted an offer of admission from Nord University. If you are an exhange student Nord University has accepted the offer for you, and you do not need to do this yourself.

    Forgotten your password?

    You can reset your password. If you experience further trouble, contact the IT Helpdesk.

    Generate an invoice

    Payment information for your semester fees, i.e. account number, new KID number (customer identification number) and the total amount to be paid can be found in StudentWeb. You can pay in the same way as you usually pay invoices through your bank. Do not fill in an invoice by hand - use internet banking. If necessary, you can order a paper invoice in StudentWeb.

    The semester fee at Nord is NOK 815.

    This amount covers:

    • NOK 620 to the Student Welfare Organisation
    • NOK 175 to Kopinor (the university's agent for licensing and use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes).
    • NOK 20 to the Norwegian Students' and Academics' Assistance Fund (SAIH) (this amount is a voluntary contribution).
  • Please note: You must have paid your semester fee prior to registering. The university system may take 2 days to process your payment, after which time you will be able to register.

    Log in to StudentWeb
    Use your username and password you generated when you activated your student account and select Log on using Feide.

    Forgotten your password?
    You can reset your password. If you experience further trouble, contact the IT Helpdesk or Student Services.

    Register in StudentWeb

    • Register your contact information. Ensure that you enter the country code for your mobile number.
    • Confirm that you have read and understood the rules and regulations that apply to students at Nord University.  The Regulations relating to studies and examinations at Nord University contain definitions of key terms used at the university, such as "educational plan", "examination" etc.
    • Check your course enrollment and approve your educational plan. It is possible to make minor changes to course enrollment in StudentWeb. For major changes in your educational plan, please contact the relevant student advisor at your faculty.
    • Ensure that you are registered for classes and examinations.
  • You will need a student access card to get access to buildings on campus outside opening hours. After you have ordered your card, you may collect your student card from the Information Desk the following day. 

    Your semester ID is an app, which shows that you are an enrolled student at the University for the relevant semester. 

    Ordering your student card
    When you have paid your semester fee and are registered as a Nord University student​ you will be able to order your student card. 

    • Go to the self-service portal and choose "English" (top right-hand corner).
    • Click "Capture picture" to take your ID-photo. This photo will be used on both your student card and semester ID. Read the photo guidelines (scroll down for English version) carefully to ensure that your photo is approved. You may choose to upload a passport photo here instead.
    • Once you have taken a photo, return to the start page of the self-service portal and choose "Order card".
    • You may collect your student card from the Information Desk the following day.

    Semester ID?
    You need to be able to show that your student card is valid for the current semester. There are two ways of doing this.

    Option 1: Download digital student ID

    Download the app from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) or Windows Store (Windows).

    Log in with the username and password you created when you activated your account. If you have paid the semester fee and registered, this information will show up in a yellow box at the bottom of the page.

    Check that a photo of you is registered in the app. If you have ordered your student card, and taken a photo in the photo box, this should appear in the app. If you do not have a photo registered in the app, you will need to use another form of photo ID when you show your semester ID.

    The semester receipt is saved in the app itself, so you do not need to be connected to the internet to show semester ID.

    Read more about Digital Student ID 

    Option 2: Collect a semester sticker 

    If you do not have a smart phone, you will need to obtain a sticker to show that your student card is valid.

    Take your receipt for payment of semester fees to the Information desk to collect a semester sticker, which you can affix to the back of your student card.

  • The username and password that you created when activating your student account apply to all online services at the university.

    Student email:

    Your allocated student email address in Office365 is your primary address for formal communication with the university. The university does not use private email addresses to communicate with registered students. Log in to student email via Office365.


    Canvas is the university's online learning platform. In Canvas you can communicate with lectures and peers, download lecture notes and see important notices. Log in to Canvas.


    TimeEdit contains your class timetables. You can search by course code and create your own personalised timetable. TimeEdit also gives you access to room booking. Log in to TimeEdit.

  • If you have paid the fee at two institutions in the same semester, or have terminated your studies at Nord University within the deadline, you may apply for a refund of the registration fee.