Fronter and Webmail


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Need help using Fronter

  • For problems logging in, contact IT Helpdesk on telephone 755 17272, or email
  • For other user issues, such as questions about how to submit assignments, contact Jørgen Karlsen at KOLT (Center for Learning and Technology)


> Log in to student email

If you do not wish to use your student email, we recommend that you set up a forwarding rule to your usual email address - see steps below.
Your email address is: - eg.

Create a forwarding rule using these steps:

1. Choose "alternatives" in the right-hand corner
2. Choose "create inbox rule"
3. In the list over inbox rules, clock "new..."
4. A window will appear in which to create the new rule. In the first line, scroll down and choose "Use on all messages". In the second line choose "Redirect message to..."
5. A new window will appear, which shows the address book for your account. Enter the email address you wish to forward to in the field for recipients. Click OK.
6. Click Save in the window for the new inbox rule. When asked if you want to use the rule on all future messages, choose "yes".