How Covid-19 measures and restrictions can affect you

Information for international degree-seeking applicants commencing in autumn 2020

If you have received an offer of admission from Nord University, please follow this page for the latest updates and measures being implemented by Nord. ​

Travel restrictions and advice

Stay up to date on any travel restrictions and advice that may apply, both relating to arrival in Norway and in your home country.

Applying for deferment until 2021

If you have received an offer of admission, you are eligible to apply for deferment of one year. This means that you delay commencement until autumn 2021. 

Applications for and offers of deferment are conditional on certain factors, including:

  • That you send your application as soon as possible within receiving your offer of admission.
  • That you "re-activate" your admission, by re-applying next year within applicable deadlines. 
  • That the programme you have applied for is on offer in 2021.

Deferment is an accordance with the Regulations for studies and examinations at Nord University, section 4-6.

Study permits

Application deadlines

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) provides updated processing times for applications.
Apply by May 31

We strongly recommend that you submit your study permit application by May 31 to give you the best chance of a timely arrival for orientation and commencement of classes. 
Do not wait until July 1

UDI currently
 advises that applications submitted by July 1 will be processed by August 15.  Current response times are otherwise given as 4 months.

If you wait until August 15 to receive an answer, you will not arrive in time for orientation or commencement of classes, and risk losing money on airline tickets and other arrangements. 

>> Read more about study permits.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is the authoritative source for all information relating to travel to Norway. Take special note of the following:

  • Application dates and waiting times for study permits, 
  • Expected processing times in relation to study commencement dates, 
  • Rules for quarantine and isolation after arrival in Norway.

Check opening hours at your Norwegian consulate or embassy:

Documenting sufficient funds

If you apply for a study permit from outside the EU/EEA, you will need to document sufficient funds.

Check opening hours and access to your local bank, in case there are expected delays in transferring funds to Norway.

No extensions on monetary transfers to Nord University 

In order to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency, applicants from outside the EU/EEA are required to transfer money to a Norwegian account in order to finalize their study permit application.
Transfer funds by June 1

The deadline for transfer of these funds to Nord University's holding account is June 1. We do not grant extensions. If you choose to delay your application for a study permit, you risk being unable to transfer funds to the holding account.

Programme-specific information about commencement and modes of delivery

Our faculties are currently reviewing the options for commencement of classes. Information will be published on the study programme pages as it becomes available.  

Plans for on-site delivery

Unless otherwise stated on the programme page,  on-site classes are being planned in programmes that usually offer face-to-face delivery. In this case, students would be expected to attend classes at the University.

Stay up to date on the latest measures

We strongly advise all admitted applicants to stay up to date on information provided by Norwegian national authorities and the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

International admissions to go ahead in autumn 2020

The global situation surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the higher education sector on a worldwide scale. 

Despite the uncertainty of the situation, Nord University intends to welcome new international degree-seeking students in autumn 2020 and is currently reviewing possible options for reception of students, in accordance with measures implemented by national authorities