mennesker i solnedgang
Shorter programme

Adventure Knowledge


Programme description

Are you an adventurer? Do you love a challenge? Can you imagine the thrill of ascending the blue ice of Svartisen Glacier or canoeing the crystal waters of Nordland's beautiful lakes? Do you want to visit important spots from the Viking era? Do you want to learn how to convert first hand experience-activities into powerful learning arenas? This semester package is designed for students who want to learn about Northern nature, cultural heritage and types of active learning by experiencing it first hand. The package provides a perfect interlude in domestic studies for adventurous exchange students.

Career opportunities

Adventure Knowledge provides a great specialization for students who wish to work with programme development, planning or implementation across a range of fields in both public and private sectors, including tourism, culture, social work and education. The package provides a unique experience for teacher students. 

Student exchange

The programme Adventure Knowledge is directed at foreign students. Norwegian students are also encouraged to join the study programme.