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Programme description

How did life on Earth evolve? How does DNA code for important biological functions? How do food webs look like at the bottom of the sea? How does climate change affect animals and plants? These are some of the questions that biology seeks to answer. As a student in biology at Nord University, you will learn about the fundamentals of life in the beautiful surroundings of Northern Norway.

Career opportunities

Due to increased focus on the environment, ecology and sustainable development, the bachelor's degree in biology will give you many job opportunities, both in the private and the public sector. You can get employed at environmental agencies, laboratories, companies and directorates. If you combine the programme with pedagogic education, you can also become a teacher in a high school or secondary school. If you choose to proceed with a master's degree, you have the option for more specialised jobs in scientific research or consulting.

Student exchange

Ever thought of spending part of your degree in another part of the world?

To promote international competence, it is expected that candidates will spend at least 3 months (usually in the 6th semester) with our collaborating universities in Europe and other parts of the world. These institutions offer you exciting opportunities to study for one or two semesters abroad, allowing a broader scope and diversity of topics than can be offered by a single university alone. You can also spend 15 weeks on a work placement abroad as part of your undergraduate studies.

We are flexible and have dedicated staff who will do their best to help you with your stay abroad. A study abroad complements your degree studies best in the third academic year.

For more information on the process, you can contact Jose de Pool, advisor for study exchange.

The world is yours to explore!

Following further studies

BSc in Biology qualifies for the Master of Science programme in Biosciences at Nord University, or for master programmes at other institutions in Norway and abroad.

Master of Biosciences at Nord has the following specialisations:

Aquaculture, genomics, livestock science, marine ecology and terrestrial ecology and nature management.

1. Higher education entrance qualification

2. English language proficiency

3. Financial capacity - non-EU/EEA applicants

4. Special requirements: Applicants for the Bachelor's programme in Biology must document previous studies in natural sciences at high school or university level:

  1. Mathematics R1/(S1+S2)
    (Mathematics advanced subsidiary level)
  2. Plus one of the following:

    - Mathematics R1+R2
    (advanced level)
    - Physics 1 + 2 (advanced level)
    - Chemistry 1 + 2 (advanced level)
    - Biology 1 + 2 (advanced level)
    - Information Technology 1 + 2 (advanced level)
    - Geosciences 1 + 2 (advanced level)
    - Technology and research subjects
    1 + 2 (advanced level)

Admission requirements for bachelor's programmes

General admission and documentation requirements

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