Current active subject description (last updated 2024/25)
Bachelor's Thesis in Biology
Current active subject description (last updated 2024/25)

Bachelor's Thesis in Biology


The theses is written during one semester under supervision, and can be done individually or in gorups of maximum two students.

The topic and supervisor are selected based on capacity and must be approved by the faculty. The approval must must be done 15th September for the autumn semester, 20th January for the spring semester.

The form and information about thesis writing can be found in Fronter.

Regular Norwegian grading system (A-F) is used.

Completed first and second year of BSc in Biology.

On successful completion of the course:

Knowledge The student should:

  • Possess broad knowledge of central theory, tools, and methodology within a specific topic
  • Have knowledge of the main scientific and developmental status of relevance for the thesis topic
  • Be able to collect, update, and apply biological scientific knowledge

Skills The student should:

  • Be capable of locating, assessing, and referring to relevant scientific information from a broad range of sources in order to approach biological problems
  • Be able to apply biological knowledge in the analysis of biological problems
  • Be able to reflect over his/her own scientific work and adjust this work under supervision

General competence The student should:

  • Be able to communicate central scientific topics such as theories, research questions, and scientific result
  • Be able to exchange scientific knowledge and views with other biologists and, through this, be able to contribute to the development of the field
No costs except semester registration fee and syllabus literature.

Elective: BSc in Biology.

Autumn or spring semester.

The head of studies is the coordinator of the bachelor's thesis and will be helpful in finding a supervisor. An introduction to method and report writing is given in a one-day seminar at the end of the fifth semester. The topic of the thesis must be related to central subjects included in the study.
The study programme is evaluated annually by students by way of course evaluation studies (mid-term evaluation and final evaluation). These evaluations are included in the universitys quality assurance system.
Bachelor's thesis, grading rule Letter grades.