Subject description for 2023/24
Norwegian for Foreigners
Subject description for 2023/24

Norwegian for Foreigners

Do you wish to learn Norwegian? This course gives you a basic introduction to the language combined with practical excersices in both speaking and writing. The course is for degree- and exchange students at Nord University, campus Bodø.

The students are given a basic introduction to Norwegian (bokmål). The course starts at beginner level, but the progression will be relatively fast. Both written and oral practice will be central, and the course requires a high degree of participation from the students. The students participate in conversation groups, answer questions, and give individual presentations.

Important course elements are:

  • Basic grammar: morphology and syntax
  • Vocabulary
  • Rules of pronunciation
  • Reading, speaking and answering questions in class
  • Own work as homework and written assignments.

The course is available for:

- degree students

- exchange students

- employees at Nord

Prerequisites: general study competence.

Seats/places are limited. Course registration per email to:


Norwegian language on beginner's level for international students



-Listening: The student knows familiar words and basic phrases about oneself, family and close surroundings when people talks slowly and clearly 

-Reading: Understand familiar words and simple sentences


-Conversation: Can interact in a conversation when the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help. Can ask and answer questions about familiar topics

-Express oneself orally: Can use basic phrases and sentences when talking about personal details such as where they live, people they know and things they have


-Writing: Can write a simple text about familiar topics (e.g a postcard) og fill out a form with personal information


Level A1 - Beginner (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Semester registration fee and course literature.
Lectures. Group work, oral presentations and role play.
The course is evaluated annually by the students. These evaluations are part of the university's quality assurance system.
4 hours written school exam. Grading scale A-F
No aids allowed.