Subject description for 2024/25
Norwegian for Foreigners
Subject description for 2024/25

Norwegian for Foreigners

Do you want to learn Norwegian? This course gives you a introduction to Norwegian language, both oral and written.

In the course the students are given a basic introduction to Norwegian (bokmål) on level A1 (CEFR). The course starts at beginner level and the progression will be relatively fast. Both written and oral practice will be central, and the course requires a high degree of participation from the students. The students participate in conversation groups, answer questions, give individual presentations, and read and write texts.

Important course elements are basic grammar (morphology and syntax), rules of pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and speaking and answering questions in class, and own work as homework and written assignments.

The course is available for degree- and exchange students and for employees at the university. Admission requirement: General study competence.

The learning outcome descriptions correspond to requirements for level A1 - beginner level (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


The student

  • can use and understand simple words and expressions from daily life both in writing and orally. 


The student

• know common words and simple expressions about themselves, family and close surroundings when speaking slowly and clearly.

• understands familiar words and simple sentences in texts.

• can engage in a conversation when the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

• can ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics.

• can use simple phrases and phrases when talking about personal details such as where they live, people they know and things they have

• can write a simple text on familiar topics (such as a postcard) and fill out a form with personal information.


The student

• can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple statements about themselves and what is familiar and close.

• can participate in very simple, familiar interaction situations if the interaction partners adapt the language and are supportive.

In addition to the semester fee and syllabus literature, students are required to have a laptop at their disposal.

Lectures, group work, oral presentations and role play.

All activities are on campus.

The course is evaluated annually by the students through course evaluations and studie programme evaluations. These evaluations are part of the university's quality assurance system.
Written school exam: Individual exam, duration 4 hours. Counts 100% of the grade. Grade Rule A-E, Best A, Fail F
Pen, ruler and up to 2 bilingual dictionaries