Lule Saami Language

Programme description

Current research shows that the Lule Saami language has a unique grammar that challenges our understanding of language and grammar and provides new information about the human capacity for language.

Our bachelor degree in Lule Saami Language provides a comprehensive introduction to Lule Saami language, emphasizing the practical, the scientific and the pedagogical. Through this program, students develop their oral and written skills in Lule Saami, learn linguistic terminology and become acquainted with Saami literature and the literature of other Indigenous peoples. By encountering new perspectives on Lule Saami grammar and literature, students strengthen their critical thinking skills and learn to understand language in an entirely new way.

A bachelor degree in Lule Saami can open up many opportunities for higher education and employment in Norway and other countries.

Career opportunities

Candidates with Lule Saami language competence are in high demand in public management, research, education, in the media and as an interpreter in various contexts. There is an increasing need for candidates with Lule Saami language competence in academia, public administration as well as private companies, and candidates are in high demand.

Student exchange

Nord University has relevant partnership agreements with the University of Umeå, Sweden and the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Following further studies

The Bachelor program in Lule Saami Language is a flexible programme. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates may qualify to apply for admission to masters degree programs in Saami.
The study is gathering-based, and there are 3-4 gatherings each semester. The gatherings will mainly be at Ájluokta/Drag in Hábmer/Hamarøy.
No professional practice.
Higher Education Entrance Qualification with a minimum of Saami as secondary language from upper secondary school or have successfully passed the University`s Lule Saami introduction course levels 1 and 2.

Upon successful completion of this program, the candidate will have the following knowledge, skills and general competence.


The candidate will have

  • acquired basic knowledge of the key aspects of the subject and specialized knowledge in selected areas of the field
  • acquired basic knowledge in the key areas of a secondary subject, or broader knowledge of selected areas of various subjects


The candidate will be able to

  • communicate both orally and in writing in the Lule Saami language
  • navigate the academic literature regarding language and/or literature
  • communicate his or her knowledge about language and/or literature that he or she has acquired during the program

General competence

The candidate will

  • be able to work independently in professions requiring knowledge of Lule Saami language, culture and literature
  • have competence to apply for further education on masters level