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Molecular Biosciences

Semester package - Autumn

The semester package provides exchange students with a comprehensive understanding of current topics in molecular biosciences.

Programme description

The semester package provides exchange students with a comprehensive understanding of current topics in molecular biosciences.

Study model

The information applies to the current academic year. Changes may occur.
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Admission requirements

Minimum 1.5 years of full-time studies within biology or related fields.

Please note: this semester package is designed specifically for exchange students.

How to apply for student exhange

Language requirement

Job opportunities

For students who transfer to the Bachelor of Science in Biology, this programme provides career opportunities for graduates in both the private and public sector.

Further education

The semester package can generally be acknowledged as one semester of undergraduate education at universities, related to study programmes within aquaculture, marine biology or ecology. Upon transfer to our BSc in Biology and graduation in the programme, students are qualified for MSc in Biology and Aquaculture.

Application deadline and admission

Application deadline April 15, 2020

New Students Welcome: Orientation Week 2019

Important information 

Orientation Week is full of exciting events that help you prepare for having a successful start as an exchange student at Nord University. Explore the complete Orientation Week schedule in the menu below.

Mandatory attendance
Please note that international students are required to attend a compulsory orientation meeting held by the International Office on Monday, 12 August. View full programme here.

You can view your timetable online via TimeEdit. Please enter the course code in the "Search" section and select the correct course from the "Result" field. Repeat these steps until you selected all your course choices and press "Show schedule".  This will show you a weekly breakdown of all classes for the first semester. A detailed TimeEdit guidance can be downloaded here.
In some circumstances changes to timetables are unavoidable. Please check your timetable closer to the start of teaching for the most up to date version.

Course description and syllabus
Further below this page you will find an accordion menu called "Study Model". This menu contains an overview of all courses that form part of the study programme. By clicking on an individual course you will be provided with a course description, syllabus and other important course information. 

Find your way around campus
Find your way around by using Mazemap

New student at Nord
Our page New at Nord contains useful information concerning the mandatory orientation meeting organised by the International Office and other practical advise to ensure a great experience at Nord right from the start. This page is continuously being updated.

Academic Calendar Here you can access the academic calendar for 2019/20.

Any further questions?
For any other questions please contact the study advisor for exchange programmes, Jeanett Stegen.

Orientation Week Schedule

All international students are required to attend a compulsory orientation meeting held by the International Office on Monday, 12 August. 

Changes to the schedule may occur. Please check the schedule closer to the start of the orientation week for a most up to date version.
12:00 - 13:00 Welcome Committee

 "Velkomsten" room A134 (entrance A, passed the stairs and the first door on your right hand-side) 
Who: All new students

Between 5 - 9 August, 12:00 - 13:00, you have the opportunity to meet a representative of your study programme at Nord University. But also if you have any question or need help come along and speak to one of the students from Welcome Committee. They will be pleased to offer their assistance. Check out their webpage for more information here.  


18:00 Pre-study BBQ

Where: Outside the main canteen (find your way here)
Who: All new students

The student's welfare organisation "Studentinord" is hosting a BBQ party for all new students outside the main canteen, where the Rector and Deans at Nord University will be the Head Chefs for the evening and serve food;) This is an exciting event to meet new students.


10:00 - 14:00 Orientation meeting - International Office 

Where: Petter Dass (A8)
Who: All new international students

The International Office at Nord University is holding an orientation day for all international students, which is packed with important information and useful events to help you get familiar with the university. The orientation day is mandatory for international students to attend. View full programme here.

14:00-15:00 Faculty Welcome - Faculty of Biosciences & Aquaculture 

2448 (find your wayHaving trouble finding the room? The International Coordinator at FBA will meet you after the orientation meeting held by the International Office.
Who: All new exchange students at FBA

Meet the International Coordinator at FBA and your fellow exchange students. Get helpful information to ensure a smooth start to your studies as an exchange student at FBA and get familiar with the faculty and lab facilities. Norwegian "lefse" will be served during the meeting.

16:00 BBQ 

Outside the main canteen (find your way here)
Who: All new international students

The student's welfare organisation "Studentinord" is hosting a BBQ party for all new international students outside the main canteen. This is a great way to meet other international students.

11:00 Opening new academic year 2019/20 - Official ceremony

Where: Outside the main entrance (find your way) 
Who: All new students

Please note that the ceremony is held in Norwegian. 

0 Opening new academic year - Faculty Welcome FBA

Where: A12 Elsa Laula Renberg (find your way)
Who: All new students at Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA)

Please note that the ceremony is held partly in Norwegian, partly in English. 

14:15 Refreshments will be served outside the auditorium

14:30 Meet your buddy - Faculty's student union Nugla

Where: A12 Elsa Laula Renberg (find your way)
Who: All new students at Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture

Welcome from the student union Nugla. All new students meet the faculty's buddies and become part of a buddy group. The buddies will guide you through the coming weeks and help you settle in. For more information check out the buddy programme.


11:00-12:00 Pizza lunch

Where: Main entrance "Gråsona" (find your way)
Who: All new students at Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA)

Eat as much as you want. Free pizza is served!

11:30-14:00 Safety at Sea course

Where: Meeting point - main entrance (find your way)
Who: Exchange students at FBA

We will walk from campus to FBA's research station, which is located in Mørkvedbukta (approx. 20 mins). At Mørkvedbukta you will take part in a guided tour of the research station as well as a theoretical and practical safety course. Completion of the course is necessary in case you are going on excursions with our research vessel Tanteyen later during your studies.

Evening activity

The student union Nugla arranges activities in the evening. Tickets for sale


08:00-10:00 Breakfast hosted by Studentinord

Where: Main canteen (find your way)
Who: All new students

Get a good start in the morning with delicious free breakfast. This is also a good way to meet fellow students.

09:30-10:15 Guided Laboratory tour

Where: Meeting point - main entrance (find your way)
Who: Exchange students at Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture

Our lab technician will take you on a tour around our labs and cutting-edge facilities on campus.

10:30-14:00 Tour de Nord

Who: All new students

Join your buddy group in a scavenger hunt, which takes you around campus. At the end of this not-to-miss event all participants can enjoy themselves with great music and free food. 


09:00-10:30 Hike to Hundstadtoppen

Where: Meeting point main entrance (find your way)
Who: Biology first-year students and exchange students

If the weather allows, you are going to the popular hiking destination Hundstadtoppen. This will be a 4 km well-marked path up a slight incline. At 218m above sea level you will enjoy a stunning 360 degree view. Dress according to weather. Wear hiking boots or sneakers. A snack and refreshment are included. 

 more activities during the first weeks of the semester, please check out the buddy programme.

Services for new students

Do you need housing? Kindergarten? Affordable and healthy food on campus?

Get to kn​ow the services of Studentinord​, the welfare organisation for students at Nord University. Their job is to make your life as a new student easier.

Welcome committee
The welcome committee is run by senior students, who will ensure that you get the best possible start as a new student in Bodø. They can pick you up from the airport, help you find accomodation and arrange guided tourse in and around Bodø. Please follow their link here for more information about their services.

Buddy programme
Buddies are senior students who are helping new students get to know the university, study programmes and student community. In short, they help you prepare for having a successful start as a student at Nord University. Check out the 
buddy programme for more information.

Student life
Want to learn more about life as a student at Nord University? Find out more here.

About campus Bodø
Find out more about campus Bodø.

ECTS Credits 30
Study level Shorter programme
Scope Full time
Teaching language English
Police certificate of conduct No
Campus Bodø

Application deadline and admission

Application deadline April 15, 2020

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