Restrictive student exchange in spring 2021

All voluntary student exchange in spring 2021 is cancelled. Compulsory exchange for joint degree students will go ahead as planned.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect university life. Necessary infection prevention and control measures affect teaching and other learning activities for all our students, including students planning exchange to and from Nord University.

Will not contribute to educational quality

The basis for student exchange is its positive impact on the quality of education. The signals that Nord University has received from partner institutions indicate that Covid-19 will affect teaching and learning activities to a similar degree in spring 2021. 

Nord University’s assessment is that student exchange in the current situation risks lowering the quality of education.

In accordance with the current assessment, the University has decided to cancel all voluntary student exchange in spring 2021. Students who have planned a period of exchange will be required to complete their studies and practice placements at their home institution.

Exemption for compulsory joint degree exchange

A limited number of students are required to complete a period of exchange as a component of their joint degree. Cancellation of this component will have serious consequences for these students’ educational progression.

The University has the resources to ensure adequate administrative and academic assistance for these students, as well as related infection prevention measures.

As such, the University has determined that students will be able to participate in planned compulsory exchange in spring 2021.