Erasmus Charter

​Erasmus Charter for Higher Education: 2021-2027

The Erasmus+ programme supports, among other policy objectives, the European modernisation and internationalisation agenda in higher education. The Programme covers the period 2021-2027.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) provides the general quality framework for European and international cooperation activities a higher education institution may carry out within the Programme.

The award of an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education is a prerequisite for all institutions located in an eligible country and willing to participate in the learning mobility of individuals and/or cooperation for innovation and good practices under the Programme.

For institutions located in other countries, the ECHE is not required, and the quality framework will be established through inter-institutional agreements between HEIs. The Charter is awarded for the full duration of the Programme.

A call for proposals for the award of ECHE is held on an annual basis. The ECHE is awarded for the full remaining duration of the Programme.

Nord University has been awarded the Erasmus charter for the fourth time.

  1. 2003-2007 (as University of Nordland)
  2. 2007-2013 (as University of Nordland)
  3. 2014-2020
  4. 2021-2027

Erasmus Policy Statement


This information is from the European Commission website about the Erasmus Charter.​​​

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