Business, Digitalisation, and Business Development

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Autumn 2023 (1. semester)

7.5 sp

Spring 2024 (2. semester)

7.5 sp
7.5 sp

Autumn 2024 (3. semester)

7.5 sp

Spring 2025 (4. semester)

15 sp
7.5 sp
7.5 sp

Autumn 2025 (5. semester)

15 sp
7.5 sp
Elective courses
7.5 sp
7.5 sp
7.5 sp

Spring 2026 (6. semester)

7.5 sp

The bachelor's program focuses on economics, digitalisation and business development from a technological, business economics, market, security and innovation perspective.

This is a full-time campus-based programme with regular lectures. All courses have their own online learning platforms. Learning and work forms will be based on research and praxis-orientation. There is natural progression in the different courses throughout the programme, and each semester builds on knowledge acquired in the previous semester. It is therefore generally required that the students pass all courses before moving on to the next study year. In order to commence the third year of study, the first year of study as well as at least 30 ECTS credits from the second year of study must be passed. For individual adjustments of the education plan, please contact the Business School administration. Specific recommendations and conditions about pre-existing knowledge are described in the individual course descriptions.

The programme is aimed at persons who want a broad and versatile education in deconomics, digitalisation and business development, an education that also provides a foundation for further studies on master degree level at universities and university colleges in Norway as well as abroad.


The bachelor's degree extends widely in the fields of economics, digitalization, and business development. Our graduate students will be well equipped to enter interesting and varied positions both in business and in the public sector. Developing organizations have a great need for economists with digital expertise. Candidates from this bachelor may, for example, be relevant for the banking and finance industry, or companies in the travel and retail industry.
Upon successful completion of this programme, candidates qualify to apply for admission to relevant master degree programmes at Nord University as well as other educational institutions in Norway and abroad.
No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.
The candidates knowledge in all course subjects will be assessed according to the relevant regulations. Examination forms will vary across courses. Take-home exams, papers, project assignments, case studies and other forms of presentations are used in combination with written and oral school exams. The Norwegian system for grading and assessment is applied, with an A denoting the best/highest grade and F denotes failed/not passed. Coursework may also be assessed as passed/not passed or approved/not approved.
Bachelor's thesis.

This programme is evaluated annually by students through course evaluations as well as by the Programme Coordinator. The evaluations form part of the Nord University Quality Assurance System.