Open Call for Artists - Woman's View of the Sea

Nord University invites female visual artists to participate in an Open call for an exhibition: Woman's View of the Sea, celebrating the remarkable contributions of female researchers to the field of marine science. Through contemporary art, we encourage applicants to explore the stories, achievements, and impact of these inspiring women.
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The open call is open to artist working in all fields of visual art, including painters, sculptors, photographers, digital artist, or any other creative visionary. We welcome all forms of visual art that pay homage to the diverse spectrum of female researchers from Nord University, shaping our understanding of the marine world.

This open call serves as a platform to elevate the voices and achievements of female researchers, shedding light on their invaluable work and inspiring future generations of scientists. Selected artworks will be showcased in dedicated exhibitions, providing a powerful visual representation of the intersection between art, science, and gender equality.

The art exhibition will be held in Noatun, a brand-new building of Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture at Nord University. Noatun is set to open shortly before the exhibition's launch in September. This state-of-the-art venue promises a modern and dynamic setting to showcase artworks. However, in the event of any unforeseen delays in the building's completion, the venue may change in order to ensure the exhibition proceeds as planned. Rest assured, regardless of the venue, the selected artworks will be displayed with the utmost care providing a captivating experience for the audience.

Woman’s view of the sea has been initiated by Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences (IO PAN) in 2022 to address historical underrepresentation of women in a marine context.

Director of Institute of IO PAN, Jan Marcin Weslawski says: 

We focus on the marine realm, all fields of science. We want to show how woman are explaining „The Sea”. For centuries, the sea was explored, studied and shown to the public by man.  Still in 1970-ties in many countries women were not allowed to take part in research cruises (too long, to physically demanding, too masculine etc.) and now more than half of large marine projects are run end executed by women scientists. Still the narrative about the Sea is a traditional men’s domain – marine painters of the past were men, and most marine books, stories are by men. 

As we are concerned with building ocean literacy, the women are needed to complete this task. We want to show to the broad public that the Sea is not only the area of fight and ultimate physical challenge, but it is extremely interesting, important, and also beautiful source of spiritual and esthetical values. 

We want to show the broad public that the Sea is not only the area of fight and ultimate physical challenges

Jan Marcin Weslawski, director of Institute of IO PAN

Submission Guidelines

  • Artists are invited to submit visual artworks inspired by research conducted by female researchers in marine science. A list of female researchers with short description can be found below and in the registration form.
  • Up to 10 artists will be selected and invited to the exhibition and project.
  • Submissions can include new work specifically made for this open call or existing artworks that align with the theme.
  • All visual art mediums are welcome, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, digital art, and mixed media.
  • Submissions should be accompanied by a brief artist statement (max. 100 words) explaining the inspiration behind the artwork.
  • Artists may submit up to three entries. One individual artwork is considered as one entry.
  • Open to female, or all who identify as female, professional visual artists currently residing in Norway or have resided in Norway within the last 5 years. Please include your CV or biography in the registration form.
  • The open call is free of charge.


  • Open call date: 06.05.2024.
  • Deadline for submtting artworks and proposals for artworks: 16.06.2024.
  • Announcment of selected artworks: 01.07.2024.
  • Exhibition dates: 18.09.2024.-27.09.2024.

Artist fees:

  • Artist will receive an artist fee of 10 000Nok for each selected artwork.
  • All selected artists will be invited for the opening of the exhibition. Travel expenses will be covered by artists.


  • Each selected artist needs to arrange a shipping of selected artwork to be delivered to Nord University the latest 06.09.2024.
  • Artist receives 2000Nok for each selected artwork for shipment. Any additional costs will be cover by artists.
  • Art exhibition will take place during Research Days at premices of Nord University (Noatun building).
  • This event will be addded to Bodø2024 European Capital of Cultural Calendar.

Additional possibilities for selected artists:

  • International exhibition in the State Gallery of Art in Sopot, Poland in autumn 2025, connected to publication of a book.
  • Potential purchase of copyright to be used by Nord University beyond the scope of this project.

Terms and conditions