NAISA regional gathering

Since this year’s NAISA (Native American and Indigenous Studies Association) gathering will be virtual, we invite you to a regional gathering in Sápmi. This gathering will be both in-person (June 8) and virtual (June 10).


08 juni 2022 09:00


08 juni 2022 15:45


Petter Dass (A14, Bodø) og Zoom

​​Attend the meeting here

The gathering will primarily focus on Sámi related issues, but researchers focusing on other Indigenous issues are also welcome to send in an abstract. 

Both the in-person gathering and the virtual gathering will be streamed and recorded so that people that are not able to come physically, can see the presentations. 

The recordings will also be a part of NAISA’s official online conference program. Membership in NAISA is encouraged, but not required:

The in-person gathering will be held at Nord University, Petter Dass’ Auditorium (A14) and Zoom.  

The deadline for abstracts and final registration for attendance is May 15th. 

Attendance is free of charge and is open for all. Registration for audience is not required.

June 8th (in-person and online)

9.00 Welcome

9.15 Dorthe Helen Næss Eide, Nord University: Facilitating value co-creation and sustainability through experience design: A case study of indigenous (Sami) experiences.

9.45 May-Britt Öhman: Methods within and results from the project “Pandemic in the (sub) Arctic North” - A supra- and crossdisciplinary data collection in Sámi territories, Swedish side.

10.15-10.30 Break

10.30 Brenda J. Child and Christine Baeumler: Indigenous Art and Climate Change: Exhibition Planning

11.00 Astri Dankertsen: Creating a home: Decolonization in everyday activities

11.30 Olof Stjernström, Astri Dankertsen, Tanja Ellingsen, Håkan T. Sandersen: Complexity and interdependence in local mineral extraction planning: The Nasa Mountain quartz case in Northern Norway

12.00 Lunch – We buy lunch ourselves in the cantina

13.00 Liz-Marie Nilsen: Pandemic in the (sub)Arctic North - Sámi Duojárat and the Sámi creative and cultural sector during the Covid19 pandemic – experiences, perspectives, and strategies

15.00 Break

June 10th (online/Zoom)

09.15 Carol Mershon: Political Elites and the Political Inclusion of Marginalized Peoples

09.45 Áila O'Loughlin: Philosophy as a discipline and Sámi Philosophy as a practice


10.30 Åsa Össbo: ‘The Land of the Future’ and Swedish Settler Colonialism revisited. Green Transition industrialization in Sápmi

11.00 Kristina Sehlin MacNeil: Words are glitter, actions are gold: Sámi voices on Swedish energy companies’ communication and actions.

11.30 Lunch

12.30 Laura Junka-Aikio: Toxic speech, political self-Indigenization and the ethics and politics of critique: notes from Finland

13.00 Kristin A Ø Fløtten and Ellinor Myrvang: Parents, children and Indigenous culture. Implementation of indigenous knowledge in teacher programs.​​


08 juni 2022 09:00


08 juni 2022 15:45


Petter Dass (A14, Bodø) og Zoom