PhD course: DR430E Foundations and Future Perspectives in Entrepreneurship Research

30 november 2015 00:00 - 04 desember 2015 00:00

University of Nordland, Business School

Elective for students in business or other social science disciplines studying entrepreneurship and innovation for their PhD.
The course is offered as part of the Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI), the PING track (program in innovation and growth).

Application form

Application deadline: 20 October 2015

ECTS credits: 7.5
Level of course: Ph.D. course
Type of course:
Elective for students in business or other social science disciplines studying entrepreneurship and innovation for their PhD.
The course is offered as part of the Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI), the PING track (program in innovation and growth).

Duration: 30 November- 4 December 2015 (five full days).
Location: Bodø.
Language: English. 

Bodø Graduate School of Business, University of Nordland, Norway, is the institutional course organizer, in cooperation with Circle, Lund University and UIT – Norwegian Arctic University. The course is part of Norwegian Research School on Innovation, PING

Professor Candida Brush, Babson College, USA/Bodø Graduate School of Business
Professor Paul Westhead, Durham University, England/Bodø Graduate School of Business
Professor Hans Landstrøm, Lund University, Sweden
Professor Lars Kolvereid, Bodø Graduate School of Business
Professor Åsa Lindholm-Dahlstrand, Circle, Lund University, Sweden
Professor Lene Foss, UIT The Arctic University of Norway
Professor Gry Agnete Alsos, Bodø Graduate School of Business
Professor Einar Rasmussen, Bodø Graduate School of Business
Associate professor Espen John Isaksen, Bodø Graduate School of Business,

Administrative coordinator:
Grete Ingemann Knudsen, Bodø Graduate School of Business

The theme for the course is perspectives on entrepreneurship at the individual and corporate level. Students will become familiar with the foundations of entrepreneurship research as well as with current debates and knowledge gaps in the field of entrepreneurship. The course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with different aspects of entrepreneurship research and to discuss this in relation to their own research projects.

During the course students participate in plenary sessions, smaller group sessions where they present and receive feedback on their own work, and contribute to the discussion of their peer students’ work. The plenary sessions will include questions and dialogue and there will be good opportunities for informal discussions among participants and faculty.

Themes covered in the course include:
Foundations of entrepreneurship research
Contextualizing entrepreneurship research
Nascent entrepreneurship and start-up processes
The construction of a resource base of new firms
The entrepreneurial university and academic entrepreneurship
Financing of new and technology-based firms
Publishing entrepreneurship research

Learning outcomes
After completing the course the students will be able to:

Overview knowledge about entrepreneurship at individual and firm level, as well as the foundations for entrepreneurship literature and the role of context
Overview knowledge about relevant theories and current debates in entrepreneurship literature
Understand knowledge gaps and central debates related to entrepreneurship
Understand the most relevant core concept(s) for own Ph.D. work

Critically discuss, evaluate and position own research with the various theoretical perspectives related to entrepreneurship and relate them to own Ph.D. work.
Apply one or more research streams to a research topic of relevance for the Ph.D. student’s own work

General competence
Reflect on and consider theoretical problems in a general sense in research

Communicate (in writing and orally) problems, analyses, and results to colleagues, including contributing in academic debates in conferences

Organization and learning activities
This is an intensive course of one week with individual study required prior to and after the meeting. The course integrates lectures by experts in the field and discussions of the course literature by the participants. Students are supposed to present and participate in exercises individually and in groups. 

Registration deadline: 20 October 2015
To register, students should fill in an application form with attachments, and deliver a one page abstract.

The abstract should include initial ideas of a course paper. The course paper should relate to the topic of the course and preferably also to the student’s dissertation topic.

Course fee:
The course is free for Norsi students.
Other candidates should pay a course fee of: 1000,- NOK

Practical information:
Accomodation is reserved at Nordavind – studenthousing at campus.
Price pr night is NOK 550. Please indidate on application form if you want accomodation.

Course syllabus
Active participation in the form of presentations and discussions (written and oral) on selected articles during the course week is compulsory. The individual draft research paper delivered before, and the full paper delivered after the course week will be evaluated by the grades ‘passed’ or ‘non-passed’.

Collection of articles – will be provided.