Ph.d.-prosjekt: Pårørendes informasjonsarbeid

26 april 2018 11:15 - 26 april 2018 12:00

Rom 2055, Nord universitet Bodø

Senter for velferdsinnovasjon inviterer til presentasjon av Ph.d.-student Nicole Dalmers prosjekt om pårørendes informasjonsarbeid.

Senter for velferdsinnovasjon inviterer til presentasjon av PhD- student Nicole Dalmers prosjekt om pårørendes informasjonsarbeid: Pårørendes ‘informasjonsarbeid’ – en synliggjøring av pårørendes arbeid med å motta, søke, bearbeide og dele informasjon. 

NB: presentasjonen vil foregå på engelsk. Den vil også bli streamet. Følg streaming her.

Om prosjektet:

Making visible family caregivers' hidden information work

Seeking, interpreting, managing, and sharing information (examples of activities considered as information work) are key components of care provision. Information work saturates every facet of caregiving, providing tools for coping, problem solving, and dealing with uncertainty through knowledge and support. At the same time, however, family caregivers report ongoing frustration with the growing amount of information they must contend with. To understand how caregivers conceptualize their information work and in attempt to make this type of care work more visible, this research talk will report on interviews with 13 family caregivers of community-dwelling older adults living with dementia.

As part of the interview process, caregivers were asked to draw maps depicting their information worlds. Information world mapping served as a helpful tool to make visible the intricacies of caregivers' information work, including the barriers encountered and inventive strategies created to access, use, and translate information. Results reveal the importance of educational backgrounds and pre-existing relationships in shaping family caregivers' information work. As a means to more responsively support the information needs of family caregivers, this study signifies an innovative shift in the ways the complexities of searching for and using information on behalf of aging family members are understood. 

Om Nicole Dalmer:

Nicole Dalmer is a fifth year PhD Candidate in the Library and Information Science program at The University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario, Canada). Her institutional ethnographic doctoral research examines the often-invisible information work done by family caregivers of older adults. She is particularly interested in examining the intersections of information work and caring work; exploring the information-related work needed to care for an aging family member and the degree to which this work is recognized or obscured in aging in place policy and discourse. Ultimately, she aims to draw attention to the work involved in seeking, sharing and understanding information needed to provide care, information that is often scattered and fragmented across organizations and services.

Tid: Torsdag 26. april 2018, kl 11:15 - 12:00
Sted: Rom 2055, Nord universitet Bodø