Safe shipping in the Arctic

A research team from High North Center and Nordland Research Institute are participating in ShipArc2015 ( A joint WMU - IMO - Arctic Council International Conference on Safe and Sustainable Shipping in a Changing Arctic Environment), held in Malmö 25-27 August 2015.

Odd Jarl Borch, Natalia Andreassen (pictured to the right), Julia Olsen from UIN and Svetlana Kuznetsova (pictured to the left) from NARFU are learning about Arctic shipping and navigation, maritime education and training, sustainable development of the Arctic industries, global warming impacts and application of the Polar Code.

Natalia Andreassen is presenting a paper "Emergency management in maritime mass evacuation operations" by N.Andreassen, O.J.Borch, S.Kuznetsova & S.Markov (MARPART project).

Odd Jarl Borch is presenting a paper "Offshore oil and gas operations in ice infested water-service vessel configuration, ice management and managerial roles - a comparative study of operations in the West Greenland and the Kara Sea" by O.J.Borch & N.Kjerstad (OpLog project).
Julia Olsen is presenting a paper "Arctic maritime activities in changing climatic & market conditions: Impacts on local community security & adaptation by J.Olsen & G.Hovelsrud (Nordland Research Institute).

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