Alexander Oliver Jüterbock

Forsker Fakultet for biovitenskap og akvakultur
+47 75 51 78 34
Bodø, Hoved Campus 2013

Om meg/bakgrunn

I am a marine ecologist primarily interested in ecological and evolutionary responses of marine species to environmental change. My work focuses on ecologically important non-model species, including macroalgae and seagrass.

To investigate species responses from molecular to ecosystem-wide scales I am using a variety of approaches, ranging from molecular genetic analyses to common-garden experiments, bioinformatics programming and computer modelling of larval dispersal and species distribution.

In my current Post-doc project I characterize epigenetic variation in clonal seagrass meadows and its functional role under heat stress. The main question of the project is: Does epigenetic variation allow for rapid evolutionary change in response to changing environments and is thus key to evolutionary success without genetic variation? This study will answer fundamental questions in the budding research field of 'Ecological Epigenetics'.