Iselin Kristine Mauseth Steira

Førsteamanuensis Handelshøgskolen
+47 75 51 76 02
Bodø, Mørkvedgården 239

Om meg/bakgrunn

I am an associate professor with enthusiasm for teaching, research, and community building in entrepreneurship and innovation.  I currently serve as a co-director of Engage - Centre for engaged education through entrepreneurship with responsibility for the activities at Nord University. I am a part of the division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.​

​I have a Ph.d. in Business from Nord University Business School, and my thesis was titled "Learning takes teamwork - the role of new venture teams in entrepreneurship education".  

My academic expertise is in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, team development, and entrepreneurship education. 

I hold a bachelor's and master's degree from Nord University, including an exchange semester at the University of Alicante, Spain. My degrees are taken with majors in accounting and management control, and innovation and entrepreneurship. I won a prize for my master's thesis: “A study of coworking spaces: entrepreneurs working in shared offices», given by Kunnskapsparken Bodø (Bodø Science Park). ​

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She has developed a new course, ENT5003 Teamwork in Practice ​(7,5 ECTS), which was first delivered in Fall 2019. This is an elective course provided for business students at the master level. She has also been involved as a guest lecturer in other courses at the master level, mostly teaching teamwork and team processes.

Through the Engage- Centre works with developing the education in and through entrepreneurship, which includes developing new courses and activities, developing new methods and tools. Iselin has been involved in many activities arranged by the Engage-centre, arranging different curricular and extra-curricular workshops for students applying different tools like e.g. wayfaring and design thinking. 


She mainly researches aspects of entrepreneurship education and new venture teams. Her Ph.d. thesis is about entrepreneurship education and new venture teams. Where she studies teams of students starting new ventures as a part of their entrepreneurship education.

In addition, she is involved in different research projects within the Engage- Centre. Read more about one of her projects here: The development of students' entrepreneurial mindset.