Alin Ake-Kob

Stipendiat Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap
Levanger, G Nordlåna 1115

Om meg/bakgrunn

I research the use and development of sensors and audio-video based assistive technologies AAL. 

-​Appointed by The Research Council of Norway as one of the two representatives of Norway in The European Cooperation in Science and Technology for the scientific network 19121. I am also interested partner for the network 19136.

-Currently visiting scholar at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU. 

-Master of Science by Research in Science and Technology Studies, The University of Edinburgh.

-Bachelor of Laws, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

-Bachelor in Communication Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

I am passionate about the use and development of technologies in different social arenas, from turf wars to healthcare institutions. I aim to understand how technological advancements change our everyday practices, why these changes are pursued, and how actors also shape technologies during this process.

Research interests: technologies for health and care, and gray zones of innovation. 

Research groups: Ethnographic welfare studies (Nord University) and ​​Digitalization and robotization of society (NTNU)

I have previously worked as a senior adviser to politicians in the House of Representatives of Mexico, and in local governments, where I led policy analyses, policy making, and the design and implementation of communication strategies. I also participated in ​U.S.-Mexico binational meetings as an aid to Mexican governors.  

Languages: Español (native), English (C1), Norsk (B2), Français (A2).

I like both, qualitative and quantitative research.

Twitter @alinakekob


Digital Lecturer, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). (Since 2010)

I teach in the digital system the undergraduate course:

-Research in communication studies

I have previously taught the courses: State, power and political system; Theories of human communication; Theory of institutions; Introduction to Science; Documentary research and numeric reading of the world; and History of Media


My PhD research aims to understand why do tensions arise when a technological device is implemented in the care services. My case study is a sensor-camera installed in healthcare institutions (sykehjem and bokollektiver) as well as in private houses in Norway. I have resorted to The Biography of Artefacts and Practices methodological approach (BOAP) to answer my research question. The BOAP is a multi-methods strategy developed in Finland and the UK which places emphasis on conducting multi-sited observations to understand technology. Technology is best understood in the practice, everyday life, seeing what people do instead of only hearing what they say they do. Therefore, I have conducted participant observation in healthcare institutions in Norway, sykehjem (home for the sick) and in home services (hjemmetjeneste) working as assisstant in rotating shifts: day, afternoon, and night. I am interviewing technology developers at this stage of the research process, as well as writing my methods chapter.