Anna Adlwarth

Stipendiat Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap
+47 75 51 75 37
Bodø, Hovedbygning E318

Om meg/bakgrunn

PhD candidate in sociology

MA Gender Studies - University Graz/Austria
MA Applied Linguistics - Universitet Vienna​
Project employee and lecturer at the Gender Centre of Klagenfurt University​/Austria 


My research interests lay in the interception of Sport Sociology, Queer Theory, Feminist Science and Technology Studies as well as Posthuman Theory. In my PhD-project I'm using Foucault's theoretical concept of the Dispositif as a method to analyze the mechanisms that reify binary sex and its inherent idea of two mutual exclusive (female and male) performance abilities in elite sport. Assuming that not only gender but also sex is socially constructed, sex segregation in elite sport can like this be seen as a social experiment that has brought/brings forth materialities such as sexed bodies.

Area of expertise: sex verification in elite sport; sex testing and testosterone testing in sport; the inclusion of trans* and inter*sex athletes in elite and grassroot sports; queer sport studies; the history of women cycling; gender mainstreaming in sport; discourse and materiality;​