Corine Wood-Donnelly

Førsteamanuensis Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap
Bodø, Torggården 221

Om meg/bakgrunn

 I am an interdisciplinary researcher in social sciences situating my research at the intersection of international relations theory and political geography. I specialise on the Arctic circumpolar region.

 My research investigates the shifting nature of sovereignty and the ability of the state to legitimise political control and permanent borders in an international system bounded by the notion of fixed sovereignty. I am interested in performativity, materiality and cosmologies of sovereignty.

  The overarching problem throughout my research queries how the practice and application of sovereignty evolves as states confront new normative constraints and/or transboundary issues. In pursuit of this objective, my research examines how states perform sovereignty and moral authority through the use of domestic policy, governance and political technologies (such as through safety in maritime search and rescue and environmental stewardship). My research also employs comparative methodologies of specified state performances in domestic and international spaces of national interests. ​