Erik Waage Nielsen

Professor II Fakultet for sykepleie og helsevitenskap
+47 75 51 75 29
Bodø, Hovedbygning E247

Om meg/bakgrunn

Place of work: Nord University and     Dep. of Anesthesiology Nordland Hospital  N-8092 Bodø, NorwayTel: +47 75 53 40 00.  Fax: +47 75 53 42 97.  E-mail Position: Senior Consultant, Professor at the University of Tromsø (UiT), Nord University, Bodø,  and University of Oslo, Norway (2014).     

BRIEF Medical Degree Oslo 1984. Authorized doctor 1986. Specialist in Anesthesiology 1995. Attending Physician 1994. Ph.D (Doctor.Med) 1996. Associate Professor 1997. Professor  2008


SCIENCE: I became interested in C1-inhibitor (C1‑INH) deficiency when a young boy with edema of the mouth and throat was admitted on my duty at the Dep.of Pediatrics in 1987. The interest resulted in the disclosure of a large kindred with C1-inhibitor defiency and a thesis on Hereditary Angiodema. Since then the scope has broadened to the role C1‑INH is playing in mediating capillary leakage in inflammation and sepsis, and the possible use of C1‑INH concentrate in modulating reperfusion injury and prevention of hyperacute rejection of transplants.

Responsible for ANILAB, animal research facility at Nord University.


TEACHING/ADMINISTRATION:  Assistent leader, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Tromsø with responsibilities for the education, practise and examination of medical students from UiT at Nordland Hospital 2009-until june 2018. The project was initiated by Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord)


Research Network -Member of the Norwegian Complement Research Group headed by Professor Tom Eirik Mollnes.


Member of a former European Union concerted action on Hereditary angioedema, Novel Methods For Predicting Preventing And Treating Attacks In Patients With Hereditary Angioedema (PREHAEAT). The project was lead by Professor Marco Cicardi, Milano, Italy.-Member of the research group Brakutan (

Publications: In total ca 140+ articles from 1989-today 17th August 2018 (134 hits on PubMed),