Gørill Haugan

Professor II Fakultet for sykepleie og helsevitenskap

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Gørill Haugan graduated as a registered nurse (RN) in 1984, and holds a PhD in health science. Haugan has worked as an academician since 1989 and thus educated a great number of nursing and health care students at all levels. Currently, she works as a professor in health and nursing science at NTNU Department of public health and nursing, Faculty of medicine and health in Norway, and professor II at Nord University, Faculty of Nursing and Health science. 

Professor Haugan is supervising PhD- and master-projects focusing on different aspects of nursing and global health, collecting data in Norway as well as in Nepal and Uganda. Furthermore, she is supervising assistant professors in achieving competence as associate professor at NTNU and Nord University. Haugan is widely published internationally, in total she has nearly 200 publications in the field of nursing and health promotion among different populations such as older people, long-term intensive care patients, adolescents and postnatal women, as well as nursing and midwifery students and health professionals. She is the main editor of three different scientific anthologies focusing on health promotion in health care. In particular, she has investigated the salutogenic influence of nurse-patient interaction, self-transcendence, hope, meaning-in-life, sense of coherence, joy-of-life and spirituality on individual's well-being and quality of life, as well as developed and validated several measurement models central to nursing and health care. Haugan leads several research projects in various fields including various populations, and evaluates research proposals for funding in Norway. She is part of several research groups, is the leader of the 'Pedagogy in health' research-group, and collaborates with researchers in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore, Uganda, Nepal, Malta, Poland,and USA. ​

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Haugan teaches and supervises students at all levels in different topics, such as research methods, health promotion, nurse-patient interaction, spiritual care among others.