Ioannis Konstantinidis

Senioringeniør Fakultet for biovitenskap og akvakultur
Bodø, Hoved Campus 2058

Om meg/bakgrunn

Hi there! I am Ioannis and my interests lie within the fields of marine biology, aquaculture, animal domestication,  sustainable food production, genetics, genetic  engineering, epigenetics and bioinformatics. I have completed a 5-year integrated MSc in ichthyology and aquatic environment and a 1-year MSc in sustainable management of aquatic environments with focus on population genetics.
In 2020, I completed my PhD in aquatic biosciences at Nord University with a focus on animal domestication, muscle growth and epigenetics.


BSc (6) and MSc (2) student supervisions throughout my MSc and PhD studies.

In 2021, I have contributed in the Aquatic Genomics and Bioinformatics MSc course (BI311F) teaching at Nord University.


Currently, I am working towards the validation of epigenetic markers related to animal domestication and their growth potential, using CRISPR.
Research output here .​