Rannveig Edda Hjaltadottir

Førsteamanuensis Handelshøgskolen

Om meg/bakgrunn

Rannveig Works at the Centre for Industrial Business Development (SIF) at the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Her research interests focus on Innovation, Innovation cooperation, and Circular Economy. Current research is mainly focused on how the implementation of CE depends on multiply types of innovation that come together as bundles of innovations for integrated change, how regional innovation systems need to adapt to support CE innovation and development, and the role of cooperation in developing Circular Supply chains and business models. 
Rannveig has held positions in several European Universities and is a part of an international network for researchers in the fields of regional economics and economic geography. 
Rannveig has participated in research projects in Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, and Iceland with funding from national and international funding agencies, Including INTERREG, the national research fund of Luxembourg (FNR), and the Norwegian research council.