Virginija Popovaite

Stipendiat Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap

Om meg/bakgrunn

I am a PhD can​didate in Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

​I gained education within fields of History (BA and MA at Vilnius University) and Social and Cultural Anthropology (MSc at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). I tend to wander between disciplines during the studies and in my professional life, where I mostly worked with archeology projects.​


My PhD project is designed to be an exploration of maps during Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in Northern Norway. I aim to interrogate navigation practices that take place during missions with attention to how, where and when maps are used. My goal is to explore how maps are entangled with other actors, including more-than-human ones. I hope to see the role of these entanglements in the process of SAR operations.

I base my perspective on post-anthropocentric thought. I draw inspiration for my methodological approach from Actor-Network Theory. Therefore, I am looking into various “construction sites“ of maps, including how they are modelled for SAR operations, what infrastructure is required for digital maps to work and how responders use them.

Research Interests:

Search and Rescue, maps, actor-network theory, post-anthropocentrism, entanglements, multiplicity, Northern Norway, more-than-human interactions, uncertainty.​