CARELEAD-Patient Safety and Every day Innovation in Nordic Community Care of the Elder Person – a Leadership Challenge


Patient safety and Every day Innovation in Nordic Community Care of the elder person – a Leadership challenge (CareLead) is a meta-study and an intervention research project in a cross-disciplinary effort (nursing science, professional studies, and sociology) in three Nordic countries (Norway, Finland and Sweden).

The overarching aim of this research project is to understand, follow up and develop patient safety and every day innovation in community care of elder persons as a leadership challenge in three comparable Nordic countries; Norway, Finland and Sweden in two phases:

Phase A: 'The leadership challenges in patient safety and innovation in three Nordic countries' will create the baseline for the intervention in part B and each study will inform the next study.

Phase B: 'Leadership interventions for patient safety and innovation,' will develop leadership in community care of the elder person for every day innovation, and further develop plans when patient safety has been jeopardized causing unnecessary suffering in elder persons, and stress of conscience in their relatives and caregivers.



Terese Bondas Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)


Terese Bondas Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Anne Kasén Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Mojtaba Vaismoradi Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Maj-Britt Råholm Tilknyttet: Høgskulen i Sogn og Fjordane / Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HISF)
Inger-Lise Magnussen Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Eli Jensine Eliassen Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Sissel Holla Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Torild Sneltvedt Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Elisabeth Bergdahl Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)
Söderberg Siv Tilknyttet: Mittuniversitetet (MIUN)

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Nord universitet (NORD)


Terese Bondas Tilknyttet: Nord universitet (NORD)


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