Governance in the High North: implications for Arctic private and public sector

The course will consist of two seminars, the first one taking place 16th-21st March 2015 Bodø (University of Nordland). The second gathering is to be arranged in 2 days in August (September) 2015 in Russia.

ECTS credits: 7,5
Level of course: PhD
Language of instruction: English
Course Responsible: Professor Anatoli Bourmistrov, Bodø Graduate School of Business
Associate professor Elena Dybtsyna, Bodø Graduate School of Business

Deadline for registration: 1st of February 2015.
Letters of acceptance will be sent out by February 2015.
The course will consist of two seminars, the first one taking place 16th-21st March 2015 Bodø (University of Nordland). The second gathering is to be arranged in 2 days in August (September) 2015 in Russia.

The objective of the course

The overall aim of the course is to learn and reflect upon multidisciplinary and multi-theoretical research approaches to governance in the context of the High North: what are implications for Arctic private and public sector. This course will focus on the particular 'level' of governance associated with a type of organization (including, e.g. public governance, global governance, and corporate governance). Firstly, it will be identified the nature of the concept itself, secondly, it will be considered in the framework of the relevant theories, and then the different examples of implications of the governance for public sector, corporate industry and global actors will be discussed. Active participation at the conference “High North Dialogue Conference 2015: Artic Business and Security” will give an exemplification of the governance issues in the context of the High North.


The course is offered on a PhD-level from various fields (e.g. business studies, economics, political science, etc.). It is relevant for students at any stage of their PhD project who are dealing with governance issues. The participators should be from broad field of management, business and economics with diverse research methodologies.

All students will be presenting their work-in-progress and will get comments from faculty individually in terms of selection of an appropriate theoretical approach, research methodology, research design, data collection method etc.

The participation in the course is based on the development of a draft of paper to be published in a scientific journal or be included as a part of their PhD thesis. During the course, the research problem, the theoretical framework, empirical material, discussion and conclusion will be discussed.

The number of participators should be no more than 15.

The social setting of the course

The course is planned to be arranged in Norway and Russia. Both gatherings will be arranged in a seminar form with enough time for discussions. The attempt will be made to have all students living in one place in order to facilitate socializing and informal discussions. There will be a course assistant who will be responsible for the practical arrangements and social events.

Main faculty

The course will be arranged through combining the competences of High North Center for Business and Governance, Bodø Graduate School of Business at University of Nordland and its partners in the “Arctic Bridge” and “EduGov” (tbc) project. Faculty will be represented by the following institutions:
- Prof. Frode Mellemvik (University of Nordland)
- Prof. Anatoli Bourmistrov (University of Nordland);
- Associate professor Konstantin Timoshenko (University of Nordland);
- Prof. II Elana Rowe (HHB/NUPI)
- Associate professor Georgy Sukhanov (Northern Arctic Federal University);
- Associate professor Elena Kuznetsova (Murmansk State Technical University);
- Prof. James Chan (University of Illinois)
- Indra Øverland, Senior forsker, NUPI.

The invited faculty will both provide presentations and participate in the student paper seminar including providing feedback.


The course is arranged in the form of plenary lectures, individual presentations and comments on written work. Lectures will last for 45 minutes - 1 ½ hours.

The course is organized around two workshops.

First workshop
The first workshop (March 16th-20th, Bodø, Norway) introduces the need for multidisciplinary approach to governance and assists students to better possess themselves in the research field of governance in the High North. The idea is to guide students to elaborate more complex but also more focused research problem and research strategy.

Deadline for registration: 15th of January 2015.

Letters of acceptance will be sent out by 1st of February 2015.

Download application form here

As the course is organized in relation to the annual High North Dialogue conference hosted by the High North Center for Business and Governance, Bodø Graduate School for Business, University of Nordland, Norway (18-20 March 2015, Bodø), several days of the course will be supplemented by the conference program. The following issues will be covered: Arctic business and security; political and legal aspects in the Arctic; shipping and maritime business in the High North, etc.

Readings: the course compendium will consist of 1-2 articles on each topic and will be available for students in electronic form or as a book by February 1st in order students complete all of the readings prior to the course.

Second workshop
This workshop (August - September 2015, Russia) aims at securing students’ understanding of the complexity of their research problems presented and discussed at the first workshop. Students will have to present their improved papers as well as discuss the others’ works. The focus will be on methodological and practical challenges associated with the research on different issues of governance in the context of High North. This will be supplemented with knowledge and experience sharing between the faculty and the students. The opportunities for joint publications will be discussed as well.

Practical information

The course itself will be free (including conference materials and dinners). Doctoral students will have to pay for their travel and for their stay during the course.

We advise you to book accommodation early. For the gathering in Bodø we may assist you with renting a room in student flats, NOK250-NOK675 (please, mention this in the application form).

Important deadlines
Decision concerning admission is made according to the time of registration among the qualified applicants. Researchers in the field may also participate in the course.

In order to apply please submit 1) a filled application form, 2) CV and 3) abstract (3-5 pages).