Her finner du en oversikt over alle disputaser gjennomført ved Handelshøgskolen.
Nr. 84-2021
Per-Ivar Seljeseth
Assessing Outcomes from Business-to-Business Selling
​Nr. 83-2020

​Marit Breivik-Meyer
​It takes two to tango: The role of incubators in the early development of start-ups
​Nr. 82-2020
​Vu Le Tran​
Expected Returns: An Empirical Asset Pricing Study
​Nr. 81-2020
​Sudip Kranti Tiwari
​Navigating International Entrepreneurship in a Developing Economy Context: Lessons from Nepal
​Nr. 80-2020
Lars Hovdan Molden
Adapting to Change - On the Mechanisms of Dynamic Capabilities
​Nr. 79-2020
Veronika Vakulenko
Public Sector Reforms in Ukraine: Roles Played by Global and Local Agents in
Implementing Converging and Diverging Changes
​Nr. 78-2019
Tadeu Fernando Nogueira
Entrepreneurial Learning: An Exploration of the Learning of New Venture Founders
​Nr. 77-2019
Anastasiya Henk
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Managing Business Processes in Turbulent Environments
Nr. 76-2019​
Hanne Stokvik
​Knowledge for Innovation
​Nr. 75-2019
Petter Gullmark
Unraveling the Building Blocks of Local Government Organizations’ Innovativeness: Insights from a Dynamic Capabilities Perspective
​Nr. 74-2019
​Irina Nikolskaja Roddvik
​Deprivation of control: A driving force to gain influence during the internationalization process of MNC
​Nr. 73-2018
Marianne Arntzen-Nordquist
The financing process of new technology-based firms - The entrepreneur’s perspective
​Nr. 72-2018
Are Jensen
Early imprints in and on new technology-based firms
Asbjørn Veidal
​Strategic entrepreneurship in farm businesses
​Nr. 70-2018
Andras Mikkelsen
Trading fast and slow: algorithmic trading in  the Nordic region
​Nr. 69-2018    
Karin Wigger
Mobilization of Collective Resources for Entrepreneurship: Case Studies in Nordic Peripheries
​Nr. 68-2018
Olga Iermolenko
​The human side of accounting: The bonds between human agency and management accounting practices' changes in the transitional economy
​Nr. 67-2018
Vivi Marie Lademoe Storsletten
Quality as flourishing. A study of quality based upon leadership in kindergartens with implications for Ecological Economics
​Nr. 66-2017
Igor Khodachek​Budget, Strategy and Accounting. Managing institutional change in Russia’s governments
​Nr. 65-2017Evgenii Aleksandrov​The changing role of accounting from reformees’ perspective: A study of public sector reforms in Russia
​Nr. 64-2017​Sølvi Solvoll​Development of effectual and casual behaviours: Exploring new venture creation in the tourism industry
​Nr. 63-2017Thomas Lauvås​The dynamics of university‐industry collaboration: A longitudinal case study of research centres
​Nr. 62-2017Kristian Støre​Methodological contributions and applications in real options analysis
​Nr. 61-2017Kjersti Granås Bardal​Impact of Adverse Weather on Road Transport: Implications for Cost-Benefit Analysis
​Nr. 60-2016Antonina Tsvetkova​Supply Chain Management in the Russian Arctic:
An institutional perspective.
​Nr. 59-2016Siri Jakobsen​Environmental innovation cooperation: 
The development of cooperative relationships between Norwegian firms
​Nr. 58-2015Elena Zhurova​Environmental Performance Reporting of Russian Oil and Gas Companies
​Nr. 57-2015Hindertje Hoarau Heemstra​Practicing open innovation in experience-based tourism: the roles of knowledge, values and reflexivity
​Nr. 56-2015Krister Salamonsen​Exogenous Shocks as Drivers of Growth in Peripheral Regions. 
– A Multilevel Approach to Regional Development
​​Nr. 55-2015Eva J. B Jørgensen​Border Firms: Norway and Russia
​Nr. 54-2015Marianne Terese Steinmo​How Firms use University-Industry Collaboration to Innovate:
The Role and Development of Social Capital and Proximity Dimensions
Nr. 53-2014​Kjersti Karijord Smørvik​Opplevelsesskaping i dynamiske opplevelsesrom: En studie av turisters opplevelser på Hurtigruten
​Nr. 52-2014June Borge DoornichEntry modes and organizational learning during internationalization. An analysis of Norwegian supply companies’ entering and expanding in the Russian oil and gas sector​
​Nr. 51-2014Ann Heidi Hansen​Memorable moments. Consumer immersion in nature-based tourist experiences
​Nr. 50-2014Ragnhild Johnson​The Practice of Project Management
- A qualitative analysis of complex project-based organizations
​Nr. 49-2014Ingebjørg Vestrum​The Resource Mobilisation Process of Community Ventures 
- The Case of Cultural Events in Rural Communities
​Nr. 48-2014Fritz Johnny Nilssen​Erfaringsutveksling som grunnlag for mestring og livskvalitet 
Diagnoseoverskridende samtalegrupper for familier med barn som har nedsatt funksjonsevne og eller kronisk sykdom.
​Nr. 47-2014Wondwesen Tafesse​The Marketing Functions of the Trade Show System.
​Nr. 46-2014​Muhammad Arif​Inter-organizational Exchange Relationships
– Exchange Relationships between Local Service Suppliers and Tour Operators in the Tourism Distribution Channel. A Comparative Study of Northern Norway and Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.
​Nr. 45-2013​Imtiaz Badshah​Federal government accounting in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan
​Nr. 44-2013​Kari Djupdal​Sustainable entrepreneurship: Outcomes associated with an environmental certification
​Nr. 43-2013​Inge Hermanrud​Managed Networks of Competence in Distributed Organizations
- The role of ICT and Identity Construction in Knowledge Sharing
​Nr. 42-2013​Nadezda Nazarova​Mastering Nature and Managing Frictions: Institutional Work and Supply Chain Management in The High North
​Nr. 41-2013​Thusitha S. L W. Gunawardana​The significance of power and dependence within supplier-buyer relationships in a high-power versus low-power cultural context."​
​Nr. 40-2013​Elena Panteleva​Contemp​​orary m​anagement accounting practices in Russia: The case of a subsidiary in a Russian oil c​omp​any"
​Nr. 39-2013​Natalia Andreassen​Sustainability Reporting in a Large Russian Oil Corporation. Production Safety Issues"
​Nr. 38-2013​Are Severin Ingulfsvann​Verdiforskyvning i friluftslivet i lys av økologisk økonomi".
​Nr. 37-2012​Thor-Erik Sandberg Hanssen​Essays in Transport Economics with application to Transport Policy.
Nr. 36-2012Victoria Konovalenko​​A “coordination kaleidoscope”: 
The role of a “Corporate University” as a coordinator of knowledge flows in a Russian transnational corporation
​Nr. 35-2012​ Are Brandstad​​The management of entrepreneurship support 
– Organisation and learning in corporate incubation, technology transfer and venture capital
​Nr. 34-2012​​ Kristin Haugland Smith​​Hva er bedrifters samfunnsansvar? - En empirisk tilnærming av bedrifters ansvar overfor samfunnet. 
​Nr. 33-2012​​ Harald Fardal​​Information System Strategy in Practice – A Social Process Perspective​
​Nr. 32-2011​​​ Elena Dybtsyna​​Accountant in Russia: changing times, changing roles​
​Nr. 31-2011​​ Thomas Johansen​Paradigms in Environmental Management Research
Outline of an Ecosophical-Hermeneutic Alternative.​
​Nr. 30-2011Jorunn Grande​​Entrepreneurship in small rural firms - the case of agriculture​
​Nr. 29-2011​Andrei Mineev​How has the petroleum supply industry developed in The Russian Barents Sea Region? Institutional and managerial aspects​
​Nr. 28-2010​May Kristin Vespestad​Empowered by Nature" - Nature-based High North Tourism Experiences in an International Context.​
​Nr. 27-2010​Jan Terje Henriksen​Planning, Action and Outcome - Evaluation of the Norwegian Petroleum System: 
A Structuration Approach to Ripple Effect Studies ​
​Nr. 26-2010​Marina Z. Solesvik​Interfirm collaboration: The context of shipbuilding. ​
​Nr. 25-2010​Gowindage Chamara Jayanath Kuruppu​Development of Central Government Accounting in Sri Lanka: Three Perspectives on The Accounting Changes.
​Nr. 24-2010Heidi Rapp Nilsen​​From Weak to Strong Sustainable Development. 
An analysis of Norwegian economic policy tools in mitigating climate change.
​Nr. 23-2010​Frode Fjelldal-Soelberg​Entreprenøriell Markedsføring. En studie av entreprenørskap og markedsføring som overlappende fenomen.​
​Nr. 22-2009​Svein Oskar Lauvsnes​Determinants of a shifting effective demand equilibrium.
An explorative investigation of the interaction between psychological, financial and real factors.
​Nr. 21-2009​Hugo Skålsvik​Studies of Market led Processes influencing Service Performance: - Case Studies on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage
​Nr. 20-2009​Tatiana Maximova-Mentzoni​Marketization of the Russian University: Origins, Features and Outcomes ​​
​Nr. 19-2009​Frode Kjærland​Valuation of Generation Assets - a Real Option Approach
​Nr. 18-2008​Elin Oftedal​Legitimacy of Creative Destruction
​Nr. 17-2008​Evgueni Vinogradov​Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Norway
​Nr. 16-2008​Terje A. Mathisen​Public Passenger Transport in Norway - Regulation, Operators' Cost Structure and Passengers' Travel Costs ​​​
​Nr. 15-2008​Lars Rønning​Social capital in farm-based entrepreneurship and rural development
​Nr. 14-2008​Anne Haugen Gausdal​’Network Reflection’ – a road to regional learning, trust and innovation ​
​Nr. 13-2007​Einar Lier Madsen​Utvikling av dynamiske kapabiliteter i små og mellomstore bedrifter ​​​
​Nr. 12-2006​Tatiana Iakovleva​Factors associated with new venture performance: the context of St.Petersburg​​
​Nr. 11-2007​Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk​Experimentation with accrual accounting at the central government level in Norway - how a global phenomenon becomes a local practice​​
​Nr. 10-2007​Elsa Solstad​Tre sykehus - to verdener - en fusjon. En studie av reorganisering i et helseforetak​​
​Nr. 9-2007​Gry Agnete Alsos​Portfolio Entrepreneurship - general and farm contexts ​​
​Nr. 8-2006​Einar Rasmussen​Facilitating university spin-off ventures - an entrepreneurship process perspective
​Nr. 7-2006​Konstantin Timoshenko​Russian Government Accounting:Changes at the Central level and at a University  ​​​
​Nr. 6-2006​Espen John Isaksen​Early Business Performance - Initial factors effecting new business outcomes​​​
​Nr. 5-2005​Odd Birger Hansen​Regnskap og entreprenørskap. En fortolkende studie av hvordan to entreprenører bruker regnskap​​​
​Nr. 4-2005​Bjørn Willy Åmo​Employee innovation behaviour​​
​Nr. 3-2005​Tor Korneliussen​The Relationship between Initation, Barriers, Product Quality and Internationalization
​Nr. 2-2005​Pawan Adhikari​Government Accounting in Nepal: Tracing the Past and the Present​​​
​Nr. 1-2003​Lars Øystein Widding​Bygging av kunnskapsreservoarer i teknologibaserte nyetableringer​​​