Foundations and Future Perspectives in Entrepreneurship Research

13-17 March 2017

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Registration deadline: 15 February 2017

Course description


The theme for the course is perspectives on entrepreneurship at the individual and corporate level. Students will become familiar with the foundations of entrepreneurship research as well as with current debates and knowledge gaps in the field of entrepreneurship. The course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with different aspects of entrepreneurship research and to discuss this in relation to their own research projects.

During the course students participate in plenary sessions, smaller group sessions where they present and receive feedback on their own work, and contribute to the discussion of their peer students’ work. The plenary sessions will include questions and dialogue and there will be good opportunities for informal discussions among participants and faculty.

Themes covered in the course include:

  • Foundations of entrepreneurship research
  • Contextualizing entrepreneurship research
  • Individual level entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial intentions
  • Firm level entrepreneurship
  • The development of dynamic capabilities in entrepreneurial firms
  • Academic entrepreneurship
  • Financing of new and technology-based firms
  • Publishing entrepreneurship research