MAF9001 - Advanced Marketing Theory: Critical thinking

Bodø, 25-26 February and 1-2 April 2019

ECTS credits: 5
Student work load: 136 hours (3,5 weeks) 
Level of course: PhD
Course type: Elective
Duration: 25-26 February and 1-2 April 2019.
Study location: Bodø
Course coordinator: Frank Lindberg
Professor Frode Nilsen
Professor Frank Lindberg
Professor James Fitchett (JF), University of Leicester, UK 
Professor Tamer Cavausgil (TG), Georgia State University, USA 
Teaching language: English
Teaching semester: Spring 2019

No tuition fees. Semester registration and course literature apply. Costs for travel, lodging, dining must be covered by the students.

Course evaluation: 
Course evaluation through survey will be sent to the participants after the course.

Course description:
The objective of this course is to provide students with advanced knowledge of marketing theory with focus on various subtopics of the field. It covers the historical development of marketing, disciplinary underpinnings, recent perspectives and critical thinking that aim to equip students with the understandings and tools needed to cope with marketing challenges in an ever-changing global marketplace. We will accomplish this objective through lectures on seminars, discussions and through an independent research paper which covers related theories relevant for the individual PhD projects. 

Learning outcomes: 

The candidate …
is in the forefront of knowledge within marketing and masters the field's scientific fundament. 
can evaluate the expediency and application of different perspectives in research and scholarly development. 
can contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, methods, interpretations and forms of documentation in the field of marketing.

The candidate ...
can formulate problems and theoretical perspectives in scholarly development work.
can carry out scholarly research work of a high international standard.
can handle complex academic issues and challenge established knowledge and practice in the field of marketing.

General competence
The candidate ...
can carry out his/her research with scholarly integrity.
can participate in debates in the field in international forums.
can assess the need for, initiate and practice innovation from a marketing perspective.

Must fulfil the requirements for admission to the PhD program.

In order to take this course the student must first have completed courses in marketing at bachelor and masters level. 

Recommended previous knowledge: 
Not applicable.

Mode of delivery: 
Face-to-face seminars. 

Learning activities and teaching methods:
Lectures, discussions, student presentations, assignment work.  

Paper (maximum 3000 words) which is graded pass/not pass. 

Course literature and recommended reading:

Ellis, N. et al. (2011) Marketing, a critical textbook, SAGE (232 pages)

Selected articles.

Overlapping courses: 

Deadline: February 6