Qualitative Camp

Nord University Business School takes great pleasure in inviting you to the 16th Qualitative Camp Ph.D course in Bodø, May 29th-June 2nd, 2017.

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The course is targeting both Ph.D students and faculty at universities and colleges seeking to improve their skills in qualitative research methods. The course is designed to make participants familiar with different aspects, approaches and traditions of qualitative research methods and design, and to discuss this in relation to their own research projects. The course covers issues within the field of social science research. The course will combine plenary and group sessions - and perhaps most important - ample opportunities for informal discussion.

We are very proud to present the following faculty:
Qualitative Camp Faculty,
Nord University and invited faculty
Larry Browning, Professor, University of Texas at Austin, USA, and Nord University Business School
Frode Soelberg, Associate Professor, Nord University Business School
Jan-Oddvar Sørnes, Professor, Nord University Business School

In addition to plenary sessions - where the professors will give lectures on specific topics - the participants will work in groups; each supervised by one or several of the professors. In these group sessions, the participants will get the opportunity to present and discuss their own research (methodological approach). To prepare for the discussions, fellow participants and faculty will receive your paper/proposal written prior to the course. Some of the lectures and activities will only involve students at the experience track.

The conference language is English, and the papers should be written in English. Participants are expected to turn in a paper/proposal prior to the conference (May 20th), and a complete paper after the course (October 6th, 2017). Upon approval of the final paper, 7.5 ECTS is awarded.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Jan-Oddvar Sørnes
Phone: +47 908 39821

The conference fee for QC is NOK 2500.- and includes 3 dinners (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday), coffee, fruit and course material. Lunch on your own bill. 


We kindly ask you to notice the following deadlines:

• Registration form and CV: May 10th, 2017
• Payment: May 20th, 2017
• Submission of paper/proposal: May 20th, 2017

As a rough guide, papers prior to Camp should be 5-10 pages in length not including charts and references - line spacing should be 1 1/2 (one and a half). The papers should focus on the research problem and methodological issues concerning your research. Further guidelines about the paper due in October will be given at Camp or by inquiry.

Please send application and your CV to:
Papers/proposals should be sent to:

We welcome you to Bodø in May/June 2017

If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact:
Jan-Oddvar Sørnes, Ph.D. Professor
Nord University, Business School
N-8049 BODØ, Norway
E-mail: Jan-Oddvar.sornes@nord.n o
Cell: +4790839821

to be updated and tentative

Monday May 29th
14:00 – 14:30 Opening and introductions
14:30 – 17:30 Data collection exercise
18:00 – Making dinner together

Tuesday May 30th
09:00 – 12:00 Plenary session: From data collection to writing-up
qualitative research
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch (own bill)
13:00 – 15:00 Plenary session: TBD
15:00 – 15:30 Coffee/tea break
15:30 – 17:00 Project presentations by participants
17:30 – Making dinner together

Wednesday May 31st
09:00 – 10:30 Plenary session – TBD
10:45 – 12:00 Project presentations
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch (own bill)
13:00 – 15:00 Plenary session - TBD
15:00 Free time and dinner on your own

Thursday June 2nd
09:00 - 10:15 Plenary session - TBD
10:30 - 12:00 Plenary session - TBD
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch (own bill)
13:00 - 16:30 Project presentations
17:00 - 20:00 Free time
20:00 Dinner at restaurant in city centre

Friday June 3rd
09:00 - 12:00 Plenary session by all faculty - Q and A roundtable.
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch (own bill)

Tentative - may change.