MET9000 Research Design and Scientific Methods in Business Research

2.-3. November 2020 and 1.-2. February 2021.

​​​ECTS credits: 7,5
Level of course: PhD
Course type: Mandatory
Study location: Bodø
Course coordinator:
Jan-Oddvar Sørnes, Ph.D Professor
Others:  TBD
Teaching language: English
Teaching semester: Autumn 2020

(No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply

Course evaluation:
Online survey will be implemented asking for feedback on the course, including how it can be improved.


Course description

Research design and scientific methods in business research comprehensively covers research design and how to plan, carry out, and evaluate research through the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to generate knowledge. The chosen design will guide and influence the research process, how data is collected and analyzed, how findings are presented, and what claims we can make about reliability and validity.  Research design involves science, handicraft and sometimes art, grounded firmly in existing knowledge and theoretical considerations.  The aim of this course is to present major design types and examine the various elements that characterizes them. In this course we cover a wide range of designs relevant for business research, instead of just focusing on a limited subset. Our goal with providing such a broad view of the research process is that it will allow Ph.D. students to recognize strengths and weaknesses of empirical research and to apply this in the design of their own Ph.D projects. 


Learning outcomes:


The candidate…

  • is in the forefront of knowledge about research designs and associated sample-, measurement-, coding, analysis- and interpretation issues, and how to present findings. 
  • can evaluate the practicality and application of different research designs, methods and processes in business research.
  • Is able to contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, research designs, methods, interpretations and forms of documentation in the field


The candidate…

  • can develop research problems and questions, plan and carry out research projects by developing robust research designs including sound sample, measurement, analysis and interpretation strategies
  • can assess the suitability and application of a wide selection of designs, evaluate the value of empirical data and the strength and validity of statements and findings. 
  • can handle complex academic issues and challenge established knowledge and practice in the field of research design and methods. 

General competence:

The candidate…

  • is able to identify relevant ethical issues and carry out research with scholarly integrity.
  • will be better producers, evaluators and users of research, and to advance further in their scientific career.
  • can participate in debates and communicate research through recognized Norwegian and international channels



Must fulfill the requirements for admission to the Ph.D program


Mode of delivery:

Face-to-face and online.  2-3 sessions, total 5 days.    


Learning activities and teaching methods:

Lectures, practice sessions, seminars, tutored assignment work and online material.  



Essay, 8000-10000 words. Pass/Fail



Course literature and recommended reading


Creswell, John W (2018).  Research Design – Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches.  Fifth ed. Sage. (267p.)

ISBN-13: 978-1506386706

ISBN-10: 1506386709





Total 500 pages




​​Application deadline: 1 October, 2020

The city of Bodø

Bodø is home to around 50,000 people and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, with a lively urban scene.


Photo: David Grandorge

Getting to Bodø

  • Bodø is the hub of Nordland and can be reached by plane, train and boat. 
  • Bodø's airport is located in the city itself, making it quick and easy to fly in and out. Oslo Gardemoen is a 90 minute flight away.

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Transport in Bodø

  • The main campus is located at Mørkved, about 9 kilometers from the centre of Bodø.
  • It is easy to take the bus from the airport or city center to campus.

Accomodation in Bodø

  • At campus there is a student hotel “Nordavind” wich offers short-time rent. For more information. 
  • You may also stay at a hotel in the centre of Bodø.
  • We advise you to book accommodation as early as possible as hotels in Bodø at times are fully booked