7th MARPART Conference “Competence Development within Maritime Preparedness in The High North

29 AUGUST 2017 - 30 AUGUST 2017
Nuuk, Greenland

The conference was held under the framework of the MARPART project (www.marpart.no). It was organized by the High North Center at Nord University Business School (Norway) together with the University of Greenland (Greenland).

Researchers and practitioners from 23 different institutions in nine countries met up in Nuuk to discuss maritime emergency management. Large-scale incidents such as cruise ship accidents, large oil spills and violent action situations are among the most critical challenges that we have to prepare for.

The conference gave insights into the current research on maritime emergency management and the need for additional competence. It linked up to practitioners’ demands for adequate resources and technology, and the development of competences with the help of training schemes, exercises and joint education programs. Training infrastructure such as modern simulators were discussed as well.

Several Greenlandic stakeholders participated in the conference and at the MARPART Advisory Board meeting, that took place at the Arctic Command headquarter in Nuuk. In addition, conference participants visited the Fire Brigade in Nuuk.

Several other talks highlighted the importance of a broad range of measures to develop emergency management competence, cooperative efforts to improve competence in joint operations and the need to facilitate frequent training. The conference has contributed towards an increased understanding of the challenges of cooperation for Arctic maritime emergency management and education and training for the role of the incident commanders/on-scene coordinators, the SAR mission coordinators and other key personnel.

The conference presentations can be downloaded here: