Join us at High North Young Entrepreneur contest of 2019 and win 50 000 NOK

Last year, a young Canadian business owner won 50 000 NOK. This year that could be you.

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Corey Ellis was one of three finalist, to compete of the High North Young Entrepreneur Award at the High North Dialogue conference in Bodø, Norway, last year. The prize winner set his sights on tackling food insecurity in Canada’s n Northern territory. Canada is a vast, sparsely populated place covering an area almost as large as that of the United States.

This raises a number of problems — particularly when it comes to the delivery of fresh food. Many communities in Canada struggle with food insecurity. How can communities gain back their food security and provide fresh, healthy food to remote communities? This was the question that last year’s High North Young Entrepreneur set out to answer and won an award for. This is why he started The Growcer; a lightly used shipping container that is converted into farming system using hydroponic technology and precision climate controls. This is what won Corey Ellis approximately 6 000 Euro.

This year that could be you. Join us at High North Young Entrepreneur contest of 2019 and compete with other young, arctic entrepreneurs about the prize, but also the chance to meet and mingle with world leaders and students from all over the world. High North Young Entrepreneur contest is an international pitch competition of Arctic-related business ideas of young entrepreneurs and start-ups. The overall goal for the contest is to bring attention to the economic potential and special needs of the Arctic areas and to encourage young people of the High North to develop their business ideas.

The contest final is a part of the program of the annual High North Dialogue conference in Bodø. At the final session, three start-ups have an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to 350 conference participants – Arctic experts, and to win financial funding for their business: a check for 50 000 NOK.

Here is how you join:

The deadline is February 28th.