“MARITIME EMERGENCY RESPONSE IN THE ARCTIC” - policies, capacities and competence”

​Around 70 researchers, practitioners and policy makers from all 8 Arctic member states joined the conference and discussed results achieved through the execution of the MARPART projects (see more om projects at The conference highlighted practical and policy level developments within crisis management and emergency response in the Arctic.  Also, capacity and competence issues related to large scale SAR and oil spill recovery operations in the maritime Arctic were discussed. The conference participants elaborated on further areas for cooperation between academia, professionals and other key actors to improve safety in the Arctic waters.

As an integrated part of the conference, the exercise “ISFJORD - the Arctic maritime SAR simulation-based exercise” was arranged at the Nord University preparedness management lab (NORDLAB), devoted to cruise ship mass evacuation and search and rescue operation in the Svalbard region.

Link to presentations:

Audunn F. Kristinsson, CDRsg., Icelandic Coast Guard: “The role of the coast guard in Arctic emergency response - cooperation within the Arctic Coast Guard Forum”
​Brede Valanes, Marine Operations Agent, The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO): “The expedition cruise activity in the High North and efforts
​Mark Brass, LCDR, US Coast Guard International Affairs: “International security and the role of coast guards- the need for cooperative relations”
Ensieh Roud and Johannes Schmied, Research fellows at Nord University Business School: Emergency Response Exercises for improved cooperation – design challenges ”
Per Gunnar Pedersen, Chief, Salten Fire and Rescue Brigade: “Command, control and information for efficient maritime firefighting and SAR operations – new technology”
Emmi Ikonen, Researcher, Nord university Business School: “Research cooperation and partnership for developing safety and preparedness in the Arctic”
Hans Kristian Madsen, Director, The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB): “Capacity and competence for emergency response personnel in an Arctic maritime environment”
Päivi Mattila, Head of Security Research Program, Laurea University of Applied Science: “Training and exercises – how to increase efficiency through superior evaluation practices ”
Jana Prochotska, Research fellow, the Norwegian Police University College: “Police Response to Acts of Violence and Terrorism - securing Soft Targets”
Snorre Hagen, SAR Chief Pilot, Air Ambulance Service (Lufttransport): “Mass evacuation and SAR operations at sea in the High North- the role of the SAR helicopters“
Alexander Suslov, Researcher, Murmansk State Technical University: “Training and exercise schemes for key personnel in the Arctic maritime environment”
Terje Løyning, Director, Maritime Forum North: From SARINOR to SAREX-cooperation on filling the SAR technology gaps in the High North
Bent-Ove Jamtli, Director of Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of Northern Norway: “Maritime activity in the Arctic and SAR-cooperation – how to increase innovation”
Dimitrios Dalaklis, Associate Professor and Peter Raneri, Lecturer, World Maritime University: “Increasing the level of Safety in the Arctic: Training/Exercise for key personnel in emergency response
Odd Jarl Borch, Professor, Nord University Business School and Leader NORDLAB - Conference Sum up
​Exercise "Isfjord"